Most of Lui Tuck Yew cardboard standees stolen, become collectors’ item following his retirement

Posted on 12 August 2015

Standee selling for as much as S$200 on black market.


News of Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew’s retirement from politics saw most of his cardboard standees stolen from MRT stations as they have become a hot collectors’ item selling on the black market for as much as S$200 a piece.

The cardboard standees were placed in MRT stations as a breakdown prevention reminder as his presence can remind MRT trains not to break down so often.

One Singaporean, Hen Ai Ni, said she is upset Minister Lui will no longer be around to make her feel safe: “Under his watchful gaze, I was certain trains will run on time and not break down as often.”

“Now that he is not around, trains will still breakdown but no one to watch over it.”

Another Singaporean, See Baey Suay, said there is still a silver lining even though it is sad that it is Minister Lui who has to step down because he cannot take the toll of public pressure: “Maybe the next transport minister is Khaw Boon Wan.”

“After taking on the role, he can retire next.”






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