Humourless PAP leader asks: Is WP’s Sylvia Lim going to swallow up football legend Quah Kim Song?

Posted on 19 August 2015

This after Lim posted a photo of Quah and her on Instagram.

Photo stolen from Sylvia Lim Instagram @sylvialim65

Photo stolen from Sylvia Lim Instagram @sylvialim65

A humourless PAP leader has fired another salvo at Workers’ Party chairwoman Sylvia Lim.

This after the WP chairwoman Lim posted an Instagram photo of her and Singaporean football legend Quah Kim Song.

Some have suggested fielding him at Jalan Besar GRC. He's too busy being a retiree. #reasonstolive

A photo posted by Sylvia Lim (@sylvialim65) on

This prompted the humourless PAP leader to question: “Now we see the chairman of the town council taking a picture with local football legend Quah Kim Song. What’s going to happen? You’re going to swallow up Quah? For what purpose? To eat up his CPF? Or is Quah an easy target because he’s a retiree?”

The humourless PAP leader also said he wondered if Quah and other retirees eyed by the WP would face the same issues.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who are grey and a little slow to comprehend things said they totally agree with the humourless PAP leader’s analysis.

One grey and humourless local, Hen Ren Zhen said: “There is no doubt Workers’ Party’s Sylvia Lim is going to swallow up Quah Kim Song. This is the same as Sylvia Lim indicating previously she will swallow up Fengshan SMC as it looks delicious and can be readily swallowed.”






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