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Anonymous email alleges most mainstream media reporters in S’pore have affairs with their pet dogs

Posted on 29 August 2015

Accusation must be true because it can be found on the Internet.


An anonymous email making the rounds online has claimed that most mainstream media reporters in Singapore have affairs with their pet dogs.

Although unverified, the contents of the email warrants publicity as it was found on the Internet, which means it must be true.

Making the email public is also in line with mainstream media standards in Singapore, where the publishing of baseless accusations of any stripe is acceptable as long as it is explained as a matter of public interest and transparency, while the onus is on the wrongly accused to prove their innocence.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know an idiot when they meet one, said they believe this information is true because anonymous emails are the source of gospel truth.

One Singaporean, Jin Kum Gong, said: “If an email said most mainstream reporters have illicit affair with their pet dogs, it must definitely be the case.”

“I think as Singaporeans, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge and cast doubt on such claims by using our faculties of reasoning.”

“I also believe it is always good to remember that mainstream media reporters are government lap dogs and so having illicit affairs with their pet dogs is actually within the scope of breeding between the same species.”

At press time, most mainstream media reporters have not issued a rebuttal to suggest their innocence which means they are definitely guilty.






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