People’s Association should not be accountable for money lapses as S’pore is a natural aristocracy

Posted on 17 July 2015

They should be given free rein to do whatever they please as Singaporeans need to know their role.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in natural aristocracy and that the role of the peasant is to take orders unquestioningly, have come out to defend the People’s Association.

This after the Auditor-General’s Office issued a report that discovered that a PA grassroots leader in Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s Sembawang GRC had committed lapses when dealing with money.

One Singaporean, Mai Huan Loh, said this is not a big deal and people need not get worked up over nothing: “The People’s Association is an institution created by the government. It is independent of the population and does not need to be accountable to the public as it has been given powers to access public funds to use as it pleases.”

“Therefore, it is up to PA to use money in any way they deem fit, even if it means being careless with it.”

“Look, Singapore is a natural aristocracy. If you are not happy, please feel free to migrate.”

Other Singaporeans said a blatant disregard for accountability might not go down well with the populace — even though Singapore is a natural aristocracy — as the General Election 2015 is near.

Another local, Jin Keh Long, said the better approach is to launch an investigation into the matter and then say no wrongdoing has been found, to diffuse tension: “This way, people will at least feel satisfied that something was being done to rectify the matter.”

“But honestly, none of these would even be an issue if Singaporeans recognise their role as peasants in this society and not try to hold leaders accountable for mistakes they are bound to make when put in positions of power.”

“A natural aristocracy simply cannot function when everyone is so busy checking their masters and asking questions about lapses committed. Once more errors occur, we will stop noticing them in a while anyways.”






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