PAP should remain silent about People’s Association lapses as it is hard to feign righteous indignation all the time

Posted on 17 July 2015

Supply of righteous indignation ran out after being too righteously indignant about Workers’ Party AHPETC.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who care about the health of Singapore’s MPs in parliament, have urged the PAP to remain silent about the People’s Association lapses involving money.

This after they said PAP MPs have already used up their store of righteous indignation in Februray 2015 by getting too worked up into a frenzy over the supposed mismanagement issues at opposition Workers’ Party’s AHPETC, which on hindsight pales in comparison to PA’s lapses.

One Singaporean, Seng Kee Lai, said the PAP MPs would do better now by saving up their effort, or else they will look fake: “It is hard to summon righteous indignation when you are already running low on it.”

“They should have saved up their righteous indignation previously rather than spending all of it on Workers’ Party AHPETC issue. Worse, now there’s nothing to give, they look so fake because their previous indignation was targeted at the opposition party.”

At press time, other Singaporeans said the only benefit of staying silent now is that their previous attempt at righteous indignation will only look contrived and orchestrated, which is still better than looking like petty blatant politicking just because the General Election 2015 is nearing.






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