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Limited edition EZ-Link card issued to commemorate 7/7/2015 7pm SMRT breakdown

Posted on 08 July 2015

Card will come with negative value.


Singaporeans from all walks of lives are cheering the release of an limited edition EZ Link card that will commemorate the July 7, 2015 SMRT breakdown.

The card will cost $77 and, interestingly, the value of said card will start at negative $77. Ultimately, when the value hits zero, it will mean that the commuter has successfully apologised.

Equally unique is this feature: Whenever there’s a train breakdown, another -$77 will be credited to the card automatically.

This move is believed to give commuters an outlet to apologise for their inconsiderate actions on July 7, when Singaporeans from all walks of lives boarded the train at the same time, caused it to spoil and inconvenience Desmond Kuek, the SMRT CEO, who is very capable.

Regular commuter Zhen Tian Huai said: “I can’t think of a better way to apologise to SMRT for the breakdowns. It has been widely reported that we the citizens of Singapore were at fault for the July 7 breakdown and I’m glad SMRT is offering us an olive branch.”

For some, the news come as a relief.

Dong Bei Xian said: “At least we no need to commit hara-kiri.

“Considered lucky already.”

The card will be up on sale at all non-working MRT stations on Aug 9, 2015.









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