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Leisure Park Kallang celebrates SG50 by banning NDP personnel from entering complex

Posted on 04 July 2015

This is a memorable way to go about celebrations.

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Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have no reason to be riled up but always end up getting riled up because other people always do stupid things, have applauded Leisure Park Kallang for making SG50 celebrations memorable for National Day Parade personnel, especially those wearing uniform.

This after the management of Leisure Park Kallang put up a sign on the door saying that NDP uniformed personnel are not welcomed.

One Singaporean, Bu Ke Qi, said: “This is really a memorable way to go about celebrating SG50 and getting publicity for your leisure park.”

“There is definitely no other better way to go about doing this.”

Other Singaporeans who saw the sign said they understand the park’s position.

Boh Li Yew, another local, said it is obvious why Leisure Park Kallang is doing this: “Leisure Park Kallang is a very exclusive place for exclusive people.”

“If they want to be so exclusive, Singaporeans from all walks of life will help you with your exclusivity: We will help you share this message on social media for more publicity for Leisure Park Kallang.”































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