GE2015 new format: Voters across S’pore to give rally speeches of what they want from next govt

Posted on 29 July 2015

Instead of politicians telling people what they can offer.


In what can be construed as a sign that the times they are a-changin’, voters across Singapore from all walks of life who have a list of demands will be allowed to give rally speeches to inform the candidates from various political parties running for the upcoming General Election 2015 about what citizens want.

This is a refreshing change from how elections were previously conducted, where candidates from the political parties would go on stage during their own rally to tell voters what he or she can offer, only to fail to live up to expectations when voted into office.

One Singaporean voter, Qu Tou Piao, said the benefits of voters giving speeches is obvious: “Voters giving speeches will draw both voters and politicians to rallies to hear the demands of the people. When PAP organises election rallies, typically no one turns up.”

“It is quite obvious that a rally with nobody in attendance is less superior than a rally where a lot of people show up, such as a Workers’ Party rally.”

“And telling politicians early before hand what voters want will help manage expectations. So that later on politicians in office cannot come out and say voters are demanding because they went into the job with eyes wide open.”

As candidates from the various incumbent and opposition political parties are invited to the different rallies held across Singapore to listen to the demands of the voters over the 10-day campaigning period, other Singaporeans, such as those who are jaded by the political process, agree that giving voters a chance to state categorically what they want to make their lives better is a more obvious and correct process at shaping a country’s future.

Another local, See Baey Char, said: “Letting people elaborate what they want will draw out more logical and coherent speeches as people will be able to explain their personal plight and wishes.”

“But when we put a PAP politician on stage, all we get are shouts of ‘Teo Ser Luck’ and mumbling, which are hardly rousing to begin with.”

At press time, voters are still expecting Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong to show up at a lunchtime rally at Boat Quay next to UOB Plaza to say sorry.






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