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Food industry insiders: ‘We try not to spit into food bloggers’ food so regularly’

Posted on 27 July 2015

People who make your food always wins.


Food industry insiders from some walks of life in Singapore are shaking their heads and covering their mouths trying hard not to snigger out loud.

This after they admitted that the industry-wide practice is for people working in the kitchen to try not to spit into food bloggers’ food so regularly, especially during tastings which serve as a means of getting back at the Internet scribes who think that they are influential and high and mighty with their blogs.

One restaurant chef, Chi Dong Xi, said: “You think we so stupid willingly pay a few thousand dollars to food bloggers to write positive reviews about us and hope for the best as we slog so hard just to be at their mercy to make or break our establishment?”

“Or you think we so stupid we don’t recognise food bloggers just because we work in the kitchen and have little time for social media?”

“You think we don’t have our prejudices and despise certain haughty individuals who think they are all that? You assume all bloggers are our friends?”

“Always remember, at the end of the day, the ones who prepare the food wins.”


At press time, paranoia across Singapore has set in.






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