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Ex-Samsui woman touched by SG50 Slim Fit bust enhancement ad

Posted on 28 July 2015

This is so appropriate, she said.

By Seow Char Boar


Ex-Samsui woman Ng Ah Moey was touched upon reading the newspapers today.

She read that in celebration of SG50, the bust enhancement company Slim Fit was offering a 50 cent promotion for bust enhancement.

Speaking through a Cantonese interpreter from her one room flat, Ng said: “I am very proud that Slim Fit is using the nation-building legacy of me and my sisters to promote their bust enhancement services.”

“I hope that Singaporean women everywhere will think of how far Singapore has come when they look at their breasts. As Singapore continues to develop, their bust lines will grow like our nation’s prosperity.”

Ng added that she was going to call Slim Fit right after the interview was over.

“This is what I spent my youth slaving away on construction sites day after day for”, said Ng, struggling to hold back tears. “I have earned this.”

“My only regret is that Ah Mei cannot take advantage of this lobang because she has already returned to China. But then, she has always been well-endowed anyway.”






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