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Civil servants each get $500 bonus to celebrate SG50 General Election 2015

Posted on 18 June 2015

Money will go a long way in making them understand where their fortunes originate.


Some 82,000 civil servants from all walks of life in Singapore will each get a $500 one-off payment to mark Singapore’s upcoming general election and the country’s 50th birthday this year.

One civil servant, Zhen Fu Kong, said this bonus will go a long way in making the rest of his peers in government jobs to remember their place in society: “This is a good reminder that civil servants’ fortunes are tied to the government’s prosperity.”

“The money will go a long way in helping us remember.”

However, non-civil servants said this giving out of free money is a lost opportunity to spread gratefulness.

Shi Ren Kong, a non-civil servant, said: “It’s sad that non-civil servants do not get to celebrate SG50 General Election 2015 with extra $500 of their own.”

“If only civil servants and non-civil servants all get $500 each, the election results will be more or less guaranteed in this election year.”

“What a squandered chance.”


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