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17 pro gay marriage brands that highly religious S’poreans must avoid or else God will smite them

Posted on 27 June 2015

Using any of these goods and services shows that you are for same-sex marriage, you heathen.


Here are the world’s leading brands all highly religious Singaporeans need to be aware of. Using these brands’ goods and services will show that you are pro gay marriage and a heathen.

So beware! The monotheistic God will only allow those who are not tainted to go to Heaven!


1. Google


2. Android


3. KFC


4. Coca Cola


5. Starbucks Coffee


6. Snickers


7. Mentos


8. Levi’s




10. Kellogg’s


11. Uber


12. Rock Band


13. Absolut


14. Ben & Jerry’s


15. Game of Thrones


16. MasterCard


17. Visa


Highly religious Singaporeans cannot use Apple also:

Apple CEO confesses he’s gay, causes crisis in FCBC and FotF as many members are iPhone users






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  • ycbin8

    What can I say? Life would be hard for bigots!!

  • Lester Lee
    • ExK

      technically speaking, both android and youtube belong to Google, so by mentioning Google, it has already covered both.

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  • Gabriel Chua

    One should especially not forget the masturbators and the wicked who engage in other forms of lustful unnatural seedspilling acts that is not intended for procreation. They are sick and should be punished. Singapore should not be allowed to devolved into the next Sodom. No matter how good Singapore defense is, and how many NSF there are, no man can defend against the wrath and awesomeness of our mighty GOD. This is about our country’s security!

    Singapore will never tolerate gays and perverted self-masturbators.

    Singapore have family values.

    Singapore is the greatest country in the world because it has great leaders, who understand that the rights of the majority is more important than the minority. We are a conservative society that will never accept LGBT lifestyle else they will turn all our children into LGBT and God will punish Singapore for it. The government should not interfere with the opinion of the majority, and it is our right as a conservative to discriminate and refuse to hire, or to serve LGBT people. Gay people can hide their gayness, but the chao ah guas in the “T” of LGBT is obvious, and they deserve to be kicked out of their home by their family and disowned and fired from their jobs until they repent. This is Singapore, cannot anyhow you know? Bue Sai!!! Else society will collapse.

    We should also punish the seed spilling wankers who practice perverted mono-sexual behavior, and keep them away from innocent children. promiscuous HIV spreading straight and gay people who engage in sex with more than one partners, leading promiscuous lifestyle choices should also be punished by the law. And those who divorce and commit adultery by remarrying too. But monosexualism seedspilling lifestyle of wankers is a greater sin and threat to the family and children. Porn is an evil perversion. We should stop spreading such deviant lifestyle choice of wankers and their perverted lifestyle choice of watching porn and engaging in self-pleasuring. Our society have no place for these seed-spilling narccistic monosexual wankers. The bible say that monosexualism is a sin, and seed-spillers should be strike by lightning. recall the story of Onan the seedspiller?

    Wanking and perverts who watch porn should be a crime for unnatural sexual act of perversion and be sent to 3 years jail minimum. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and his own hand! If I ever find that my child engage in unnatural monosexual acts, I will immediate disown him and kick him out of my home to become homeless. Monosexual and homosexual destroy family.

    Say no to LGBTM!!!! Wear white on pink dot day to symbolize clean bedsheets.

    God made Adam and Eve so that they can procreate. That is what sex is meant for. God did not design Adam’s hand nor his p**** for having monosexual sexual relationship with one another. A child deserve a father and a mother, not a father and his own hand! Sex for pleasure is a deviant act of seed-spilling perversion if it isn’t done with the intent to make babies. God ordered to mankind to be fruitful, not to spill seed in condoms or on the floor to be discarded like waste. That is an abomination that our conservative society should not tolerate!

    Religion cannot be offended, otherwise there will be riot. For if people openly support LGBT, or straight masturbators and people who divorce and commit adultery acts, then it will offend religious people. Buei sai.. like that will becoem chaotic and singapore will collapse understand?

    • Hugh Woattmeight

      I love wanking and I’m going to wank to you alongside my gay brother

      • Gabriel Chua

        You are summoning Satan into your life.

    • MiaoChan

      had a good laugh skimming through your nonsense, which was so riddled with bad english i could not bear to finish reading.
      im sure you’ve never rubbed one off before in your whole life.. lol

    • Gabriel Chua

      As Jesus have himself said, “Let those who are sinless cast the first stone”. I am sinless as I am a righteous God fearing lamb, and thus I am entitled to judge. I am against LGBT, however these countless closeted lustful wankers who criticizes LGBT but do not repent their even more perverted narcissistic seedspilling monosexual lifestyle are hypocrites who God will punish in hellfire in their afterlife! If we allowed wankers to continue spreading their unnatural lifestyle choice and precious seed on the ground due to lust, soon people will be wanting to marry their own hand, and extreme and even more severely harmful acts of bestiality, incest, polygamy, perverted old man force-marrying an innocent underaged child to himself, and adulterous sins such as divorce and breaking their sacred vow to God, will all become common place, and the earth will be smite by our mighty Lord due to the noise of the minority. The silent majority will be unfairly punished! Learn from our history idiots! REMEMBER SODOM!!!