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Thought-provoking video shows maids know more about mothers in family than the children

Posted on 11 May 2015

The children simply do not spend enough time with their own parents.


An illuminating and thought-provoking video has been put out online that shows foreign domestic workers knowing more about the mothers in the families they work for compared to the children.

The short video titled “Maids and Children” features domestic workers and the employers’ children talking about the mothers in the family to see who can come up with more accurate answers.

This is a twist to the recent supposedly thought-provoking video showing domestic workers in Singapore knowing more about the children they care for than the parents, which aimed to shame mothers into campaigning for an off day for maids.

In this new video, a total of eight pairs of maids and children were asked questions such as “What did your mother have for breakfast?” and “Is she happy with her life?”, to find out how much is known about the mothers in the family.

Final score? 91 percent of the helpers had more accurate answers than the children.

For example, when asked what would the mothers be doing if they weren’t married with kids, the children answered, “Sad and lonely”, while the maids answered “Happy like bird, travel the world and have lots of money”, which is the more accurate answer.

The video’s goal is to show that there is an opportunity for children to bond with their mothers in the absence of domestic workers who deserve a day off.

Quoting figures from the United Nations Women’s Charter for Equality, around 99.9 percent of Singapore’s 1.5 million mothers do not have a weekly day off, as no law has made it mandatory for children and husbands to clean up after themselves, especially when the maid is having an off day.


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