S’poreans more gracious now, say ‘Please, diu lay lo mo, thank you’ instead of just ‘diu lay’

Posted on 07 May 2015

After getting sentenced for spitting on another person, they will also say sorry and show remorse.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are reportedly more gracious now compared to last year and the year before, according to the Graciousness Index by the Singapore Kindness Movement.

This after survey respondents gave Singapore an arbitrary score of 61 out of 100 this year. Last year the arbitrary score was 55 and the year before in 2013 was an even more arbitrary 53.

Hum Kar Chang, a local, said: “What does this arbitrary score even mean? How do respondents even rate themselves and others objectively for being considerate, courteous and showing appreciation?”

“However, Singaporeans nowadays will say ‘Please, diu lay lo mo, thank you’ instead of just ‘diu lay’.”

“Like there is this video where the man in it said in a civilised tone, ‘You wish’, in what could have been a much more unruly and violent scuffle.”


“Then when people do end up in court for spitting on people, they will show remorse and say sorry in a courteous way.”

“So you can say Singaporeans are becoming more gracious over time.”

“Actually Singaporeans are wary that there are more cameras around to police considerate behaviour.”

“So when people say we need religion or God to be better behaved, what it means is that we need more cameras and eyes in the sky.”


Singaporeans last time more aggressive:

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