S’porean females to serve in S’pore Airlines as S’pore Girls as part of 2-year National Service

Posted on 04 May 2015

Females will then get to contribute their part in one of the toughest vocations known to women in Singapore.


After days of deliberation, Parliament has passed a new National Service For Woman (NSFW) bill making it compulsory for all the females aged 18 years and above in Singapore to serve in Singapore Airlines for two years.

Aviation Minister Fang Fei Ji, told a packed House: “The Cabinet has been thinking how girls can serve Singapore and the tipping point came last week when an ex-SQ flight stewardess pointed out the cons of her stint in Singapore Airlines.”

“It sounds just like my army experience, but tougher. So, we decided we might as well make it compulsory for females to serve in Singapore Airlines, so that our girls can also enjoy tax breaks and in-camp training.”

He added that the regimental style of Singapore Airlines, such as stewardesses not being allowed to smoke or buy kopi from kopitiam in their kebayas, and the playing of of rank and power politics, were similar to how NS life is like for full-time National Servicemen from all vocations.

Women from all walks of life, who still think becoming an air stewardess is glamourous, are cheering this move.

Air stewardess wannabe Ai Dong Gua, who stands at just 1.5 metres, said: “Finally I get to become an SQ girl after I’ve been rejected the last 10 times because of my height. I’m looking forward to serving Straits Times and coke to Economy Class passengers!”

Another reject, Chi Tai Duo said: “Now that it’s compulsory, I hope they can make 2XL kebayas for me. I look forward to working in Business Class as I was told that the passengers don’t eat their meals there. I hope they allow me to finish the wonderful in-flight meals as it is a sin not to eat them.”

As part of the regimented training, the chao recruits will fly to Sydney daily and must be on standby for three months.

Once they passed out, they will serve in the Hong Kong flights, which have the highest number of complaints.


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  • eve (singapore native)

    Not a bad idea actually

    • Chin

      Except with compatible pay with the current NSFs. Sure, being in SQ is tough but you still get paid pretty well for a dead end job. With that money they can still finance their wedding, Europe trips etc. Try financing your wedding with NSF pay. Maybe wedding in specialist mess or void deck?

  • Ally

    Is this even true?

    • Lumenta

      just look at the name!! Avation minister Fang Fei Ji!! Rofl!!

  • Ora Aurora

    this is just SIA cost-cutting scamming girls in a hard job and only pay 400 SG dollars a month, just a big scam as usual from this retard country, my husband served the nation for 8 years and even he rejects it, to top it off ,an air-hostess is supposed to help u with luggage and save your life, this is why they have to be taller then 1m65, I don’t see tiny 1m50 Singaporean girls drag out a 100 kilo guy…

    • Jarrel

      yes this is 100% real news. Absolutely. Our government must be going insane.

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  • jess

    i disagree. what about the girls that is abov18 and already have a stable income? they are to serve this? that just pay a few hundreds? ow about their family that they have been supporting? Sorry for my bad english.

  • Mardy Ana

    It would make more sense if NS for girls is be in nursing. Therefore, when the guys are in battles, the girls would be able to help out in nursing the wounded.

  • Vietnam

    Singapore airlines will drop standard then… any ah soh ah lian become air hostess…