Publicity poster for SEA Games 2015 causes offense as it features the words ‘Willie’, ‘Loo’ & ‘SIN’

Posted on 22 May 2015

Call police.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are easily offended because their virgin eyes and ears need to be protected from contamination, are calling on the authorities to look into a publicity poster for the upcoming SEA Games 2015.

This after the poster showed the words “Wille”, “Loo” and “SIN” on it, which are bad words if people really think about it.

Chu Nan, a Singaporean man who took offence at the poster, said: “This is not right. Previously, at least one Singaporean had already appealed to the authorities to get rid of ‘SIN’ as the representative code for Singapore as it is associated with vice and sex. The appeal was even published in the national newspaper, The Straits Times.”

“Now, what we’re seeing here are so many more words that connote other bad things that come into my mind all at one time. I cannot take it. I must call police now.”

However, not all Singaporeans are quick to take offence and do not see any merit in calling the police to report this matter.

Another local, Zhen Wu Leow, said: “I think ‘Loo’ and ‘SIN’ are quite okay words still, but I’m not so sure about ‘Willie’.”

“I guess I have no choice but to write to my MP about it.”

“And later on, CC it to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. And the entire Cabinet to register my displeasure.”

“After which, I’d forward it to The Straits Times as a forum letter because they have no qualms publishing anything.”


Quick, let’s take offence now:

S’pore shouldn’t use SIN to represent us in sports because it’s a dirty word

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