NSFs apologise to ex-SIA stewardess Hilary: ‘We’re sorry you had a hard life in SQ’

Posted on 02 May 2015

I’m sure your life as an air stewardess will always be much, much worse than ours, they said.


Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) from all vocations in the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force have gone down on their knees to apologise to Hilary, an ex-Singapore Airlines stewardess.

This after the Singapore Girl wrote a lengthy exposé chronicling the suffering she went through working as an air stewardess for Singapore Airlines.

One NSF, Mai Kao Peh, who is serving in SAF, said: “I am so sorry your experience working as an air stewardess is worse than going for National Service. It must have been tough flying from one country to another compared to staying in camp for the whole work week and doing push-ups and running.”

Another fellow NSF, See Baey Char, who is serving in SCDF, said: “Her life in SQ sounds terrible. She voluntarily signed up for a job that requires her to fly all over the world and get paid a minimum of S$3,500 and a max of S$5,000 a month. That’s just derisory.”

“Unlike me, the country volunteers my services on my behalf, under the threat of getting charged. And my NSF allowance is a princely sum of S$480 a month.”

“I have it so good.”

Another NSF, Gong Jiao Wei, who is starting his NS stint, said: “Oh no, she’s so poor thing. She must fly to places like Paris because it is part of her job to spend a few days there and then fly back to Singapore.”

“On the other hand, I get to stay at the best place on Earth: Pulau Tekong. And where I eat the best food on the planet: Cookhouse food.”

“Some more she is so pitiful she only gets to stay in four-star hotels. This is unlike us. We get to go outfield to enjoy the elements bestowed on us by nature and our sergeants and officers.”

“And every time she is wrong, she must say sorry and move on. It must have been hard for her. For us, we do anything wrong we only risk getting charged and get away easy with doing push-ups and maybe have turn-out session and then stand-by-bed and stand-by-universe until 2am.”

“Some more we get to go back every year to camp after our two-year NS stint to enjoy reservist training. So shiok our lives compared to hers, which is free-and-easy and civilian.”

“NSFs really have it easy compared to SQ Girls.”


NSFs are very, very sorry:

10 ways passengers can help make S’pore Airlines stewardesses’ job on board SQ flights easier

NSFs say being made to do push-ups, run 2.4km is illegal and manifestly unlawful

NSF recruits say monthly SAF allowance of $480 is ‘not derisory enough’

1,000 NSFs to undergo IPPT Remedial Training after eating free Whooper












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  • kappa

    honestly, was this commentary really necessary? I was under the impression that these satirical pieces were written when someone was really offended. but that’s just me.

    • New Nation

      Your understanding of satire is poor

      • Zhan Yu

        I understand the satire, it was quite funny until I read the original article.

        to single out this girl/article is totally uncalled for.

      • Pan

        i agree, i just feel sorry and unjust for this poor girl who is singled out for this lousy satire. satirical articles like this just shows how narrow minded the author of new nation is.

      • Chin

        Throwing someone under the bus to generate site traffic. Classy.

  • Debrah

    This is just silly. Hilary wrote that post with absolutely no relation to or mention of NSFs in the SAF. No one is arguing that she has it harder than NSFs, or vice versa.

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  • Dominic Phua

    Dumb article. Made me smile a little at the sarcasm tho.

  • myzan dias

    Pls ah i feel sorry for nsmen who earn 450 and not more than 200 pushup a day must be hard compared to us 230 per mth and 1000plus pushup a day in total a day :)

    • Derfliw

      and who the “us” u might be refering to?

  • Denise Aurelia Tai

    if I’m not wrong she merely wrote the posts as a reflection on what happened during her time as a stewardess in SIA so she could look back in the future. in no way did she compare her job to NSFs saying they had it better than her. she was just bringing light to the situation, to the job. Most people only see the glamorous side of the job. They don’t realize they actually have to multi-task a lot, deal with fussy customers or that they had to clean toilets. Her blog is actually a good reference point to people who wish to join cabin crew, they get to know more about their job description before signing a contract and being bonded. At least they know what they’re getting into rather than regret, wanna quit before bond ends but have to pay $13K. NSFs definitely have a greater commitment and is more physically demanding, but in no way did she phrase her sentences to demean NSFs.

    • Gerald Ho

      this must probably be your first time reading new nation…

      • Denise Aurelia Tai

        not my first time but it’s a different situation when you actually know the original writer. and it gets quite offensive that someone innocent is at the receiving end of all these bc people read new nation article and think she really anyhow complain about her job.

    • Muhd Muhadi Musa

      It is NOT a good reference by her many complaints. And obviously the lady didn’t compare her job to NSFs but it is so demotivating and uninspiring of her. but i’d support her case for her issues with ‘control’ though

  • Pam

    Everyone is carrying their own burden and just because one person has it harder doesn’t mean anybody else has it any easier. She didn’t even get to be there when her grandmother passed away because they refused to listen to her request. She was merely posting about her experience and you guys had to single her out like. For those who haven’t read her article yet, please read it first before jumping to conclusions about her.

  • lala

    Why do these NSF men find it necessary to turn everything into a competition on who has it worse? The original article was merely chronicling her time in SQ for those who are interested in becoming a cabin crew. Honestly this satire piece isn’t funny at all

    • Derfliw

      who may these NSF men be? the above people mention are all fictional character made by the author…

    • Wiggum Ralph

      I found it amusing in a cynical way, great satire.

  • Do you need to know?

    Hohoho why are all these girls so butthurt. COME ON, get a life; appreciate it for being the well-written satire it is.

    • Derfliw

      agree.. its like tuning in to watch a comedy and rage over content of the show…

    • Michelle

      Let me direct you to the definition of satire
      “Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government or society itself, into improvement.[1]Although satire is usually meant to be humorous, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society.”

      Tell me, how is taking her article out of context & writing such a piece helping to draw attention to larger issues in society? All it does is cause her distress and makes her a target of cyber-bullying. It’s sad when people think it’s ok to twist things and take it out of context, all in the name of more views.

  • Get a life idiots.

    What has NSF gotta do with the article about the ex-SQ girl?
    Whoever that created this post is just an idiot.

  • Tis’ but a fleshwound

    There is no equality in Singapore, most feminists either don’t understand the term or are devious enough to structure themselves into a superior gender. You a male born here? Spread your cheeks boy.

    I wonder why guys carry a heavy chip on their shoulders, eh? Not only does the service to their country lower their employment status compared to women, it is highly under appreciated by the very people whom they protect.
    Who wants to protect Singapore women like these? Should a war arrive, I would not sacrifice my life for theirs.

    Hey! I heard your wife cheated on you, AND you’re paying her child support despite her not having a job? Rekt

    Hey! Heard that you were acquitted of rape but those allegations follow you around forever and people give you dirty looks. The woman who lied is scot free and only a ‘victim’ isn’t she? Rekt

    Blah blah blah, inb4 white knights and SJW morons.

  • cheers

    Oh please. Hilary asked for it for whining like a kid. You signed up for that job volunteerily, you should have expected the downside of things. The fact that you threw temper tantrum towards your mum, in public and in uniform shows just how much of a spoilt kid she is. This is just a wake up call for her that life isnt as easy as it seems on the surface. Expect the unexpected, brat!

    • Derfliw

      agreed.. there are harder jobs out there with lower salary, she merely got in SIA because of her looks, she obviously lack basic knowledge of customer service while ignoring that fact that is the very basic that is required of her job, tolerance and passion! same goes for every single job out there, childish post

      • Michelle

        What’s wrong with you derfliw? Do you have a personal grudge against hilary? I see you leaving so many derogatory comments above, which totally fail to take the context of her writing in question. She got in merely cause of her looks? She stated that it doesn’t just take LOOKS to get in, it takes CHARACTER as well. Basic customer service is lacking in so many areas in Singapore, if you weren’t personally served by her, how would you know if her service is no good? Just cause NS is hard, other service jobs are hard, does not many her job any less difficult. She herself has also mentioned that other service jobs are just as difficult and require respect as well! She’s listed the good & bad sides of being a stewardess, I dont see how she’s ranting?

    • Michelle

      Wow, so, just cause she aired her feelings about the job, it makes her a kid? So, if we complain about anything at all, it makes us kids? Since when does airing your feelings make you a kid? Its normal and healthy to talk about your feelings. She made it clear that she didn’t expect it to be so hard, life doesn’t always go as expected, what matters is how we take it. She took it in her stride and worked the best that she could, if not she wouldn’t have been able to move to serving business class. Don’t be a hypocrite and call people a kid for talking about how they feel, if you insist she’s a kid, i wonder who is really a kid here? Someone complaining anonymously or someone who openly posted with her name & face.

  • cheers

    Oh that girl asked for it. She should have known better when she signed up for the job. The fact that she threw temper tantrum like a kid to her mom, in public and in uniform shows just how pampered she is. This job is just a wake up call for her that life isnt as easy as it seemed.

    • Wiggum Ralph

      Exactly. Some girls just don’t get satire. They are contrasting the hardship of this young lady who chose the job herself, with the hardship of NSF which most of us conveniently overlook.
      We tell NS men to step up.. everyone hardly bat an eyelid; when we mock the SIA girl for her hardships, feminist go up in arms.
      So much equality.

  • Ash

    The gal did not even compare her job to an NSF’s. Really distasteful to single out her post in the name of “satire”. And it wasnt even witty or well written.

    • Derfliw

      true, the writer is trying to ruin the image of the lady and at the same time stereotyping NSF

  • Ash

    Ah boy, you must study hard ok. Otherwise when you grow up, you will be writing lousy articles for New Nation.

  • Origins

    Low blow guys, why’re u hating on this chick. Why’d u even bring SAF into the picture lol. She didn’t. Why’d u invalidate her suffering and hardship? She didn’t invalidate anyone’s. Or do you feel a pink-collared worker is inferior and should have less right to speak of his/her personal experiences than others? If your writer has any problems with their own personal experiences at SAF – a separate organization mind u – man up and step up to say it exactly as it is. Not write a passive aggressive article disguised as satire, using a gal as a shield. If it’s not that, I wonder if it points to a personal grudge against SQ girls (ooh). I applaud her for choosing not to keep it all inside as many do. It’s the first step to changing things for the better. If you’re not gonna help ur fellow (wo)man, evolve or gtfo of her way brah. Peace

    • Derfliw


      • Michelle

        Just what you love to do too right Derfliw? Assume, Generalise & Blame :)

  • gyu

    NSFs and their constant self pity and self victimisation. Boohoo outfield so tough, boohoo route march so tiring. Boohoo 2 years of my life.

    And ironically they have the audacity to ask the public for respect. I’m sorry but like what NSFs always love to say about their commanders, “Respect is earned, not given”. With an attitude like this, i dont think respect would come anytime soon.

    Thanks for sabotaging the entire force with a lame satirical article like this.

    • Derfliw

      are u an idiot? there are no real nsf involved in the writing of this article.

      • Muhd Muhadi Musa

        Hahahahaha i just love having my laughs looking at comments of people who believes just anything immediately.

    • Random

      Clearly you don’t get the meaning of satire.

      the main idea behind this is ‘hardship’. the writer probably meant to poke fun at the SQ girl for having berate, sulk and break her bond over the ‘hardships’ she faced which she chose to sign up for in the first place.

      The implementing of mock-up NSFs were simply to show that NSFs in actual fact go through more crap and they don’t ever whine or complain about it; stating all the underpaid etc issues mentioned in the satirical piece.

      Yet this girl Hilary has the audacity to justify herself leaving SQ due to the ‘hardship’ she has faced in her line of service. With an attitude like this, I don’t think she deserves to even be an air stewardess.

      She puts the rest of the people in her industry to shame.

      • Michelle

        NSF don’t every complain or whine about it? You must be joking. What about all these NSF’s/guys who completed NS complaining over here about how NS is so hard and that she is stupid/dumb/unqualified because she simply listed out the good & bad of being an air stewardess? Since when does leaving a job make you less deserving? You don’t get to decide who deserves the job, SIA does. Who are you to decide if the puts the rest of the people in the industry to shame – by that definition, if whining puts everyone else in the industry to shame, then you must be putting the whole male population to shame, or the whole NS population to shame too! Hypocritical much?

        • NSF

          so you’re saying the “whole NS population” “whines” about having to serve?

        • Random

          Firstly, take a look at the reply and see you can spot some mocking similarities:

          gyu • a day ago
          With an attitude like this, i dont think respect would come anytime soon.

          Thanks for sabotaging the entire force with a lame satirical article like this.

          Random > gyu • 3 hours ago
          With an attitude like this, I don’t think she deserves to even be an air stewardess.

          She puts the rest of the people in her industry to shame.

          Secondly, your argument of NSFs complaining is invalid if you look at the comments quote me 1 example at least.

          Thirdly, to prove to you why the SIA is less deserving, I shall quote from the girl herself.

          “The airlines today and 30 years ago is so different.

          It was like a holiday last time. They used to have 7 nights in Paris but now, only 2 nights. What sights are you going to see? When you reach the hotel room you just crash out of fatigue and when you wake up its God knows what time already. The next day is your last day in that country and what can you do with a fatigued body?”

          She has the audacity to compare her life as an air stewardess 30 years ago with life now?

          1 ) 30 years ago it was so much harder to get into SIA compared to now where they have DEFINITELY lowered their standards (you can be delusional and deny it, but its a fact).

          2 ) Hardship : Her definition of hardship is facing Rude Singaporeans, and NOT HAVING 7 NIGHTS IN PARIS.

          3 ) Let me ask you 1 thing and you answer honestly:
          – life now compared to 30 years ago IS worse
          – life 30 years ago compared to now WAS worse?
          You know the answer yourself for this as well.

          Even if NSFs do complain, they know for a fact life for NSFs in the past were much worse. This girl on the otherhand believes 30 years ago unicorns ran SIA.

          i rest my case.

        • FillowPight

          If you don’t like NSFs whining, you can help make NS voluntary. NSFs complain because they do not have a choice.

  • Mira Tanuwihardja

    Is public shamming this girl really necessary ?

    • wew

      no but is your spelling really necessary?

      • Michelle

        Wow missing the forest for the trees much?

  • Dawnniex

    She wasn’t put in NSF situation to understand the hardship they had been through, but neither have you all been put in all the situations that she has gone through to understand her. So why so sensitive and write a satire to compared it with NS and make fun of her post (which is meant for her own reflection)?

    And the fact that the writer conveniently left out the part where these air stewardesses are sometimes “forced” to be away from their dying relatives.. I’m sure NS allowed you to book out for this kind of emergency matter!

    Write a satire when people make fun of NS men sitting in MRT, not when an innocent ex-stewardess write about her past experience, which in no way concern NSFs…!

    • Derfliw

      it was meant for her own reflection? anything written on the net will be deem for the public to comment on..

      • Xia

        Yeah and your ardent defense of a shitty satire article has caught the attention of people. Happy?

  • Pauline

    Distasteful satire. it is not necessary to victimize the poor girl for your lousy satire. She did not in any way compare her job to SAF. She was just merely talking about her experiences as an ex crew to help girls know the downside of it before they join, and not to look at just the glamourous side of things. This article is too much and I did not even find it funny in the least.

  • Mofos

    K lah, Newnation, I like your stuff but you write like this about our SQ girl like a bit bad leh.

    In any case, I fully understand how she feels, and that’s why I try to be a better human. Just because we pay money doesn’t give us the right to be assholes on a flight, restaurant, or wherever.

    But on this forum, having read her article, I would actually advise her to please improve her English.

    • Michelle

      Her english is fine. I think yours needs more improvement 😉 Also, it’s an irrelevant remark. I fail to see how it contributes to the discussion.

  • Melissa Lee

    Talking to this people they will not understand. When u join then u come and say and talk big ok. Sia must be the only company that as u rise up the ranks ur pay gets lesser and ask even the senior crew flying 30 odd years even the most loyal are pissed at the pay system! Seriously if serving ns is an issue then make it complusory for gals then.

    • Wiggum Ralph

      Hey, why don’t you go serve NS and stop whining.

  • Clarice Choy

    If the author of this article or the ‘NSFs who were interviewed’ really read through Hilary’s posts, they should realize that there isn’t any comparison of the life of an SQ stewardess to an NSF’s life in camp. In fact, all she did was to pen down her personal reflection of her previous job. Read before you twist words. Chicago-16 referencing is a good guide incase you do not know how to reference properly.

    • Derfliw

      **If the author of this article or the ‘”””imaginary”””” NSFs who were interviewed’ really read through Hilary’s posts**

    • Mello Wind

      This is one of the VERY Good reasons.
      Why Singaporean Guys Get starting to get more Foreign Brides.
      We’ve been Breeding Dumb Fucks 😛

      • Michelle

        ^ I spy one above too 😉

        • Mello Wind

          Hahah Nope Not Married ;P

          • Michelle

            Not referencing to the foreign brides, but to the line “breeding dumb fucks” 😉

          • Mello Wind

            Hahaha… Your so funny.

          • Bobby


  • Colby

    What the hell is wrong with NSFs these days? You have the duty to do what you are doing. Taking your role as protector of a nation and using that to compare with the experiences of an air-stewardess is not only childish but also reflects on how much you value your role!
    All these NSFs have not only shamed themselves, but also disgraced the different branches of our defense force. I feel ashamed by them too!

    • Derfliw

      if u believe what the article said is from “real” NSF then… u must be born yesterday on the “internet”

    • Hokkien

      Lol. Mai Kao Pei means stop complaining so loudly, See Baey Char means damn noisy, Gong Jiao Wei means talking bird language.

    • FillowPight

      “You have the duty to do what you are doing?”

      Who dictates what duty others have to do? You? If you want something to be done, do it yourself, don’t force other people to do it. Telling other people that “it’s their duty” to sacrifice themselves only tells us how entitled you are.

      “how much you value your role”

      Sorry but you don’t get to order people around and tell them “to value their role”. How ridiculous. It’s like a slave owner telling his slaves “you better be appreciative, because I give you free food and lodging”. Anyone who thinks it’s okay to put others into forced labour needs to have their brain checked.

  • Derfliw

    this article is just a joke, you guys are taking it too seriously, and i doubt the article made by the SIA girl is even real! Its 2015 guys! and the internet is full of shit

    • Derfliw

      even if the SIA girl is real, there is no reason she should pen her thoughts down on the internet, there will always be good and bad comments in regards to her article..

      • Xia

        If you want to post things up for the whole world to see, then be prepared to take the heat when you want to say something stupid.

        New Nation’s satire pieces are usually that – real satire. This ‘satire’ piece is a fucking low blow and whoever wrote this shit should be ashamed of yourself.

        If you want to joke, then joke without making nonexistent shit references to the SAF. We all know SAF life sucks, but since the girl made no such comparison, then don’t stir shit in the first place.

  • lols

    If i could get a dollar everytime i read the word “satire”….

  • fiao

    Crazy. No reference at all.

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  • Chin

    The entire point is :

    Why is someone who is in a job that she *signed up for* making so much noise, when there are stacks and stacks of people in a more onerous and less enviable position in the SAME SOCIETY who just suck it up, and are TOLD TO SUCK IT UP on a daily basis?

    The point here is human rights in your occupation – and who are we to step in and make noise about the human rights of people who are in a job that they can LEAVE, and say nothing about a whole gender who have to serve in a job which they CAN’T LEAVE.

    • Auva

      she was merely sharing her experience with other girls or guys who wants to be an air steward or stewardess. Many join the crew and are in for a rude shock when it is not as glamourous as they thought. Yes, they “signed up” for the job, but they might not have known what they were in for. In the original article, she said NOTHING about NSFs being more fortunate than her. She was just stating what were the hardships of her job. And they can’t leave before their bond is up unless they choose to break the bond. But regardless, everyone have a right to rant about the unfairness or hardships of their occupation, whether they chose it or not.

  • Mello Wind

    For The Benefit of the Future Generations.

    Please Read The Name of this site and what is below the name. Right On Top.
    50% Fucking Real News.
    49% To Expose Idiots We’ve been Breeding So Far ..
    1% is to Poke Fun.

    • Michelle

      It’s not funny anymore when you totally twist the context of her article to get more views. How is it satire when she didn’t even compare NS and SIA flying? If the main aim is to expose “idiots”, then newnation should write an article about you and all the other trolls commeting 😉

      • Mello Wind

        Trolls Are Motivators =).
        But if they wrote about trolls..
        Most Trolls won’t be bothered Much..

        • Michelle

          Haha sure, they wouldn’t be bothered because they are commenting anonymously! I wonder how they would feel if the media twisted their words, named & shamed them and attempted to get their personal details, as well as that of their family members? Perhaps we need another something like a troll expose to make you guys feel the heat as well :) Perhaps you’ll be able to feel more empathy then!

          • Haziq

            Saw ur name everywhere on this page, seems that you have a lot of problems with people who agrees with this post. If hillary, or watever your FRIEND’S name is, find it disrespectful or distasteful, perhaps she should privatise her blog or just pen her thoughts in a personal diary. If not her PUBLIC post will be open to PUBLIC scrutiny. People are free to pen their thoughts too and it seems you are telling them that it is wrong to do that IF its against what hillary stood for.

            This is SOCIAL media.

          • Mello Wind

            “commenting anonymously” reflects on you.

    • Michelle

      Also, how is it REAL news when it TWISTS the meaning of her article. Do tell me, I would like to know.

      • Mello Wind

        Are Both Side of a Coin The Same ?

        • Michelle

          Sorry, but your comment doesn’t make any sense :)

          • Mello Wind

            Yup, shows how well your brain processes things.
            You only see what is in-front of you. A Pity.

  • you think we had it easy?

    Is this really necessary? Yes, cabin crew do travel to Paris, London, almost everywhere. But what you people don’t know is Singapore airline cabin crew work from the start till the end of the flight. Yes, non stop. When you guys are happily sleeping, resting or watching movie, we are preparing for meal service to serve it to you. When you guys are happily resting, we prepare snacks and drinks for you. For a380 flights, due to the ultra high expectation, we have to work 10 times harder. For a 13 hours flight in a380 flight, other than the 3 hours of crew rest, we have no seats to sit down and rest for a bit. We have to stand for the whole 10 hours walking up and down, preparing meal service, drinks, snacks, answering attendant call button, serving ad hoc requests. Everyone may think we had it easy. But do you know for a overnight flight, having to be awake and continuously work for 10 hours, in order to go out for sightsee, we have to sacrifice our sleep? And fyi, we only have 1.5 days in places like Paris, Europe, UK. For other stations, the maximum we have is 24 hours in the country before taking off.

    It is okay if everyone discriminates against us saying we treat Caucasians better. That is because they are willing to start a small talk with us.

    It is okay when passengers bully the crew just because they think they paid for our service. But we are not slaves and machines. We are also human being.

    All we want is to be appreciated for the things we do and worked hard for.

    You think you’re the only one who had a hard life? You think we had it easy? Everyone else is!
    Why didn’t I see people posting things like “omg. How many cabin crew is injured from the turbulent? Hope they are fine.” Singapore airlines doesn’t care for cabin crew. Public is targeting on cabin crew just because of a post on her reflection of being a ex cabin crew.

    All I want to say is, being a cabin crew is no difference from being a guy serving national service. We are uniform group as well. We can’t be seen in public. We have strict rules too. We can’t take picture in our uniform. We have to constantly apologise for things that we did not do wrong. We have limited rest too. Now tell me how are we different other than our job scope?

    Yes. I am a cabin crew from Singapore airlines and I hate to say that cabin crew are always not appreciated. Not from the company, not from the public.
    When we felt appreciated, people thinks that we are biased.
    Be nice, and we will be nicer to you.

    • Frequent Flyer

      I can’t believe you admitted bias towards Caucasian passengers.

      SQ should fire your lousy ass.

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  • Kendall Alan

    isnt that apologetic responses are sarcasm? SOunds more like it. However, i heard of the airline lives before.. So i dun find it something alarming.. lol…

  • TL

    NSF should be proud to serve their country. I’ve given service to mine and i will gladly do it again. Infantry life is hard, but you Singaporean National Servicemen should harden the fuck up and do what’s right as a man (or woman).

    I’ve seen so many of you cursing your service, whining about how you miss your mommies and home comforts, and now you want to act like rambo by bullying this girl. It’s ungentlemanly, and it just makes you look like pathetic little boys who are afraid to do pushups and field-ops.

    Your CSM should haul you out for disgracing your service.

  • WK Seah

    What kind of a name are “Mai Kao Peh”, “See Baey Char”, “Gong Jiao Wei”. XD

  • James

    How low can you stoop?! Coming up with such crappy article to get more views. We all have the right to express our unhappiness with our jobs within legal limits every now and then. Don’t tell me you’re so damn happy with your job you have nothing to gripe about?! Stupid writer!