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Man consciously interrupts dread of starting work with assurances that he’s enjoying remainder of long weekend

Posted on 31 May 2015

Feelings of being carefree inserted into periods of extended gloom as long weekend winds down.


Staving off thoughts of walking into the office and starting the gruelling weekday crunch once again, a Singaporean man said he is interrupting his constant sense of dread this long weekend with conscious sporadic thoughts of carefree pleasure.

“I’d catch myself thinking about starting work in the office and immediately insert thoughts of how I am totally enjoying this moment in this long weekend,” Xiang Bu Kai, a local, said.

“It’s a coping mechanism and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there consciously doing this every 15 minutes or so.”

Sources familiar with the situation who are employed in the same office as the man said he is consciously interrupting his regular work week with thoughts of the carefree things he is going to do during the next long weekend that is coming up.


In the office, things happen:

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