Goh Meng Seng campaigning for local grass’ rights to be planted at National Stadium

Posted on 20 May 2015

Why everything angmoh is better? This is cannot.

Support local banana

Support local banana

Insider sources from the People’s Power Party (PPP) revealed that one of their campaign points in the upcoming elections, will be to fighting against the discrimination of local grass.

“The ground is sweet in Moulmein-Kallang GRC. During one of our walkabouts, we found that our local grass was having a hard time competing against foreign and artificial talent. This is discrimination. All spaces in Singapore must be given to local grass first. Then if local grass cannot do, then we use imported grass,” said Jiak Chao, a PPP exco member.

The National stadium is in the midst of upgrading to an artificial turf that can be rolled up and replaced when needed, but also has reserve grass imported from Australia to be deployed at important events when the occasion calls.

“This is emblematic of our entire labour policy. On one hand you have the commoditised contract grass that can be hired and fired at will. On the other hand you have all this chao ang moh sit around and talk to each other without doing anything,” said another PPP exco member, Jiak Hong.

“When I complain to WSQ, they tell me go for skills upgrading then maybe I can qualify to become flower. They say flower market got demand and tell me to consider mid-career change to become entry-level Orchid,” said a patch of grass that used to be in the National Stadium.

“I say I dunch like Orchid leh. But they say bo pian. If I dunch become Orchid I got no job. Kanasai.”

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