Carl’s Jr openly challenges S’pore’s obscenity laws with titillating ad after Amos Yee conviction

Posted on 15 May 2015

Fast food joint looking to titillate youths with in-your-face innuendo.


Young Singaporeans from all walks of life who are easily influenced by the things they see and hear about online and offline have come forward to admit they are aroused by a Carl’s Jr advertisement.

This after the amount of attention paid to this ad increased due to the recent verdict given by the judge at the Amos Yee trial, where she ruled that youths in Singapore are easily titillated by the things they read and hear about and run the risk of losing their morals.

One youth, Zhen Bian Tai, who agreed with the judge that teenagers are easily aroused and are uncontrollable animals driven by instinct and a pursuit of pleasure, said: “When I see this Carl’s Jr advertisement with the words ‘BIG BREASTS’, I feel like committing molest and incest, after which, I would buy this burger to eat to satisfy my other deep-seated desires.”

Lawyers interviewed said the ad could potentially violate moral values in Singapore society, as the words “BIG BREASTS” are accompanied by fleshy, firm lumps of meat, albeit avian ones, which can still be construed as meat that can induce pleasure.

One lawyer, Shang Fa Ting, said: “There is no doubt youths will act on their baser desires when they see this ad. Better call police.”

“I should turn myself in too, just in case I go on a sexual rampage.”


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