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Armpit hair removal cream to help SEA Games swimmers shave off miliseconds from timing to win gold

Posted on 19 May 2015

Hair causes drag that slows swimmers down.


Singapore’s national swimmers competing in the upcoming SEA Games 2015 in June will not only be applying pressure on their fellow Asean competitors by training hard and gunning for record-breaking performances — they are also applying hair removal cream to their armpits.

This unorthodox move is to remove all traces of follicles sticking out from their underarm areas, to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary drag to slow down Singapore’s national swimmers.

One Singaporean swimming coach, Ang Jin Siong, said: “Armpit hair will produce drag in the water, slowing down the swimmers.”

“Furthermore, as we all know, shaving off armpit hair is tedious, so the better way to achieve hairless results is by using armpit hair removal cream, as the only thing the swimmers are focusing on shaving off is time from the race clock.”

At press time, the national swimmers are reading the product’s fine print directions for usage to see if they can apply the cream to their eyebrows.


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