8 reasons why shutting down The Real Singapore suddenly is not a good thing

Posted on 04 May 2015

These are the downsides.


1. There isn’t a single convenient platform to read stupid user-generated comments anymore

2. No longer can Singaporeans keep up with the latest falsehoods in Singapore

3. Civil servants from the various ministries no longer have simplistic stories to highlight during media monitoring, which means they will have to read more complex analyses from other outlets that are more time-consuming just so they can compile a report to submit to their superiors

4. Out of the blue, readers are left with a surplus of orphaned unused clicks in need of another website

5. Singaporeans did not get to see the arrest of the other administrators involved with the site

6. Singaporeans did not get to witness the authorities secretly and randomly blocking and unblocking access to The Real Singapore just to annoy the owners, making them think there are server problems when there is none

7. Did not give adequate warning beforehand to allow some of us to compile a list of the people who read, believed and shared The Real Singapore articles on Facebook in the past, so you know who to quietly judge in your mind

8. Lee Kuan Yew is no longer around to see this


The Real Singapore failed to sully Lee Kuan Yew’s name:

Government underestimated how much S’poreans love Lee Kuan Yew

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