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5 things you never knew about SEA Games 2015

Posted on 26 May 2015

Incredible facts.


The SEA Games 2015 is coming this June and many of you must be wondering: Why would I care?

Rightfully so, because sporting achievement is one of those kind of things where it just doesn’t make much sense for you to watch someone else exercise when none of the benefits accrue to you.

Not to worry.

Here are 5 incredible facts you did not know about SEA Games 2015 but do now:


1. Most activities are actually held on land


That totally thwarted your idea that all the games happen at sea. Funny, isn’t it?


2. It is actually a competition where athletes train for many years of their lives


Contrary to the claim that it is “Games”, the SEA Games is actually competitive where people put in a lot of sacrifices to get to where they are.


3. SEA stands for South East Asia, taking its reference from Europe, when in fact, Earth has no such thing as up and down orientation in space


Cute, isn’t it?


4. None of the rules of the various sports were mandated by God or any higher power


So, this means the Games is man-made from the start to cater to arbitrary man-made ideals of excellence.


5. Winning medals does nothing to each country’s domestic economy


It is not as if the more medals you win, the better your country’s economy does.


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