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Working mums all over Singapore moved to sacrifice sleep, spend more time with children

Posted on 27 April 2015

TWC2 video also causes spike in adderall sales

A recent video produced by TWC2 in collaboration with global advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, has moved many working mothers in Singapore to tears.

Realising that they have been neglecting their children, these mothers have decided that they should stop indulging in Sunday yoga, meditation, or even catching up on sleep, and instead, spend more time understanding the deepest secrets of their children.

“The tipping point was when I found out that I didn’t even know my son wanted to be a pilot,” said Lan Mu Qing, an average, working mother who participated in the video.

“I feel so ashamed of myself. So I decided to let my maid have every Sunday off so I could spend more time with my boy.”

“I have also taken up a second job to earn extra income because next time he will need lasik and piloting lessons.”

This wave of national shame has led to a spike in sales of adderall, a prescription drug that allows patients to sacrifice sleep in exchange for more productive activity.

“I now sleep 2 hours a day only. This has allowed me not only to spend time with my daughter, but also fire the maid because I can do housework also,” said another average working mother, Zhen Mei Yong.

“Hopefully one day I can function without any sleep at all. Everybody wins”.

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