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S’poreans not surprised if the guy in red shirt who slapped Amos Yee turned out to be his bailor

Posted on 30 April 2015

Anyone who loses $20,000 overnight is entitled to feel this way.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who enjoy schadenfreude said they will not be surprised if the guy in red shirt who slapped Amos Yee outside the State Courts turned out to be his bailor.

This after the teenager broke the terms of his $20,000 bond by posting new content online even though he was not supposed to as his case is before the courts.

One Singaporean, Lang Fei Qian, said: “I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the man in red might have been the one posting bail. The slap was for wasting $20,000 of cold hard cash.”

However, not all Singaporeans felt this way.

Another Singaporean, Yee Ba Zhang, said slapping Amos Yee is to reinforce the message that dissent of any sort will not be tolerated in Singapore: “Being hostile to dissent was a condition Singaporeans growing up in the 70s and 80s would have been familiar with but have forgotten with the advent of the Internet and recently the explosion of social media.”

“This will help get the message across.”


Why there was no dissent in Singapore last time:

Mechanical ventilation machine in ICU continues functioning because of Lee Kuan Yew

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