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S’pore-made movie Unlucky Plaza to inflict critical thinking on S’poreans using unchaste woman, pastor & Pinoy

Posted on 22 April 2015

Singaporeans agree this is exactly the type of movie they will pay to watch.


Singaporeans from all walks of life said the Singapore movie Unlucky Plaza by director Ken Kwek will be a hit because it features all the elements of a box-office shattering movie: An unchaste woman, her pastor and a Pinoy, elements that make cinema great because people will get tired of big explosions, fist fights, and generally, big-budget high-production value fare and opt for something indie.

One local, Kua Hee Seow, said: “Yeah, I’m sure Singaporeans will want to pay to watch something like Unlucky Plaza, an intelligent movie that is totally meta featuring a movie within a movie, which asks its audience to challenge what they see and believe in about the Internet and immigration issues in Singapore.”

“I’m sure Fast & Furious and The Avengers have nothing on this.”

Another local, Jin Kuai Lan, said: “Yes, Singaporeans would totally pay money to watch a social commentary dressed up as a movie that lacks CGI and big explosions. This is totally Saturday evening fare for couples wanting mindless entertainment.”

“It is as if Singaporeans aren’t exposed enough to all these talk about foreigners and locals having tensions and the next place they want to get a load of this is in the cinema.”

“Nice going, Ken.”

Unlucky Plaza opened in cinemas on April 16, 2015.


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