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SMRT to invest in 4th telco in S’pore to maintain reliability of train breakdowns

Posted on 16 April 2015

OMG branding will achieve synergy with current train faults.


Transport operator SMRT has announced it may invest up to $34.5 million in one of Singapore’s fourth telcos to derive synergies from the transport operator’s “extensive media presence and commuter reach”.

This after local tech company Consistel has promised cheaper phone bills with its OMG! brand of mobile services if its subsidiary OMGtel wins the fourth telco license from the Infocomm Development Authority.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who like to take public transport because cars are for rich people said they are happy that SMRT will be able to lend their transport oeprating expertise or lack of to the newest telco.

One Singaporean, Mei You Ling, said: “I’m sure SMRT with their stellar transport operating record can ensure a telco do their job marginally well by enraging the population-at-large with spotty service on a regular basis but not provoke the populace enough to start a revolt.”

“It is also heartening to see SMRT contributing more to ensuring the train breakdown reliability is improving by investing in non-transport competencies.”

Other Singaporeans said the OMG branding will work well for SMRT and the fourth telco as it is set to ride on the frequent train breakdowns. Stranded commuters will be expected to exclaim “OMG not again” every time there is another train fault.


SMRT doing a good job developing their non-transport competencies because a transport operator must be a telco too:

MRT reliability has improved as breakdowns happening daily instead of unpredictably






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