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Singtel, M1 & StarHub subscribers optimistic 4th telco can provide equally bad service to further level playing field

Posted on 23 April 2015

All telcos are one and the same except for their branding.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who have lived with 3G and 4G dead zones while continuing to pay monthly mobile phone subscription on time as if all services are okay, said they cannot wait for the fourth telco to start operations in Singapore.

This after Singtel suffered outages of its mobile data services island-wide on April 22, 2015, resulting in a lot of complaints online.

M1 and StarHub subscribers said they feel lucky this time that only Singtel subscribers are affected as they are well aware that all three existing telcos are one and the same and share the same infrastructure.

Previously, a Singtel fire at their facility in October 2013 left M1 and StarHub services crippled as well:



One Singaporean, Didi Pai, said a fourth telco in Singapore would help level the playing field: “Once there is a fourth telco, it will be really even as they will provide service standards that are equally bad.”

“This will ensure no one is a market leader and take away everyone else’s business.”


All are evenly matched:

Deep down inside, S’poreans know M1, StarHub & Singtel all equally suck

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