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IKEA S’pore is the epitome of pro-diversity: They didn’t discriminate against gay-bashing homophobe

Posted on 23 April 2015

In defence of IKEA Singapore.


The recent revelation that IKEA Singapore is lending their support to a gay-bashing magician’s performance has caused some to accuse the Swedish furniture giant of taking sides, being hypocritical and being anti-diversity by siding with a known homophobe.

However, this cannot be further from the truth.

In fact, IKEA Singapore should be applauded as a shining example of standing for tolerance, open-mindedness and pro-diversity: They, after all, did not discriminate against someone just because he is an emotionally immature, rationally stunted human being who holds myopic views on human sexuality.

In other words, IKEA Singapore did not discriminate against someone just because he is a homophobic dimwit.

I truly believe in IKEA’s belief and mission to treat everyone equally and they have lived up to that standard admirably well.

Because let’s face it: How many of us can admit to not giving dirty looks to the most chronically stupid and reason-resistant leather-clad sophist, who derives support from putting down a minority group of individuals?

Well, we honestly wouldn’t even touch someone like that with a 10-foot pole, let alone lend our corporate brand to one of his shows.

There is no doubt IKEA Singapore is aware of the gay-bashing magician’s mind-closing antics and rants over the years.

And could the furniture store have easily said no to being a supporter of his performance on that basis and that would be that?

Of course they could. But that would mean they will be discriminating against someone just because he is religiously blinded and morally righteous.

That wouldn’t be “pro-diversity” in the purest of readings of the term.

Seen in these light, you can now start to picture the depth and breadth of IKEA Singapore’s embrace of pro-diversity and equality.

So what can we learn from this episode?

Simply put, the magician can take a leaf out of IKEA’s book by not being so judgmental for a start. If IKEA applied his myopic outlook on life, they wouldn’t have lent their support to him.

If IKEA Singapore can embrace him even with his terminal shortcomings and severe myopia, he should learn to do unto others what he wants others to do unto him.

This part, it should be emphasised, is based on the same book from which he derived other parts of his doctrine.

But if the magician wants to carry on pontificating about what’s right and wrong, he’d be picking the shorter end of the stick.

Because let’s admit it: It is not like it was someone from the gay community who has a daughter who had a child out of wedlock.

Yours sincerely,
Fair-minded Nazi

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