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God feeling frustrated as latest flood warning at JEM shopping mall goes unheeded by Jurong residents

Posted on 19 April 2015

He wonders what to do to get his flock’s attention. Pestilence or fire from the sky next?


The latest flood warning at JEM shopping mall in Jurong East on April 16, 2015 was unleashed by God as a last-ditch attempt to once again send a sign to reach out to His flock that He was serious with His threats of razing the place to the ground.

The Lord God Almighty had previously sent as many as half a dozen warnings to JEM shopping mall that He intended to destroy the place but His warnings have largely fallen on deaf ears.

His Good Friday fire at JEM barely two weeks ago was also quickly forgotten by the masses, who have clearly turned their backs on Him as they now worshipped money and status symbols, which JEM has played a large part in promoting.

The Alpha And Omega said: “I’ve tried all means and ways to warn my flock about the impending destruction of JEM shopping mall to showcase my ire at acquiring mindless material goods but it appears they are not budging or paying heed to my signs. It is almost as if I cannot reach out to them with all this consumerism and materialistic mindset going around.”

“I still see them there day in day out shopping and eating, acting as if all is well, even as it is obvious the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth is going to smite them.”

“Is there no way to reach out to them? How do I really make my warning go viral?”

At press time, The Good Shepherd said he was thinking a virus might be too subtle as a next warning because it is not social media-worthy an event enough, but maybe trying for a pestilence or fire from the sky would be more appropriate as these events are more Instagrammable.


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