Donating kidney to stranger instead of doing magic show is a true display of one’s religious tenets, S’poreans say

Posted on 29 April 2015

Singaporeans touched by monk’s gesture.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have a pair of functioning kidneys and who despise charlatans have come out to applaud Buddhist monk Ming Yi, the former head of Ren Ci Hospital.

This after the Venerable Ming Yi reportedly donated one kidney to a complete stranger from a low-income household out of the goodness of his heart.

One Singaporean, Yeo Ji, said he is touched by the monk’s gesture as it is a true display of his religious tenets: “Donating a kidney to someone in need is a much better way to reach out to others to show that your religion really cares than doing magic shows that serve no purpose other than glorify oneself.”

Other Singaporeans said the Venerable Ming Yi is a leading light as this move can be interpreted as an atonement for his previous conviction in 2010 for misappropriation of funds and falsifying accounts while he was chief executive of Ren Ci Hospital.

Ren Cuo, a local, said Singaporeans are touched and are willing to move on: “Donating a kidney is surely a better way to show your remorse than having a daughter who had a child out of wedlock and going about judging other people for being gay.”


Pro-diversity please, we are Singaporeans:

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  • Sunny Lim

    Took me awhile to decipher ‘Yeo Ji’ but it was worth it. Got me cracked up!

    • Chris Low

      What’s Yeo Ji?

  • Loke Fook Seng

    Somehow I feel that there is more to the story about Ming Yi’s “misappropriation” of funds than what we know, something not convenient to reveal.

  • Ryann Jhang

    Hokkien for kidney

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