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Changi Airport to be renamed Subramanian Shanmuganathan Airport in honour of heroic foreign worker

Posted on 26 April 2015

He is officially the only person in Singapore to have done a pull-up to save a life.


Singapore is set to rename Changi Airport as Subramanian Shanmuganathan Airport in honour of the heroic foreign worker who did a pull-up to save a toddler’s life.

The foreign worker was caught on camera effortlessly hauling himself up onto a second floor ledge to assist a small child who was dangling from a railing outside of the HDB flat in distress.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who have never realised the importance of pull-ups even though Singaporean men used to do it all the time as part of their annual IPPT tests, said having the airport named after Subramanian Shanmuganathan befits the man’s contribution to Singapore, which is unique and something even locals have not been able to do.

La Shan Qu, a Singaporean man, said: “Singapore has carefully considered all the different ways we can honour the foreign worker for his deed. And naming an airport after him is appropriate as he is not just anybody, but somebody who can do a pull-up to save a life.”

“Over the past few decades, we have seen countless NS men do pull-ups without much payoff, wondering when on earth will this physical fitness skill ever be put to good use, such as protecting the nation or rescuing someone.”

“And along came Subramanian Shanmuganathan, who basically did what all Singaporean men have failed to accomplish since Day One: Do a pull-up to save a life.”

“For this achievement, we should name more things after him, if possible.”


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  • Evernal Sue

    should do something like foreign workers prove they can be more than alcoholic drunks who starts riots…that’s the prob with new nation, satire is not biting enough….

    • Just a guest

      A bit tasteless don’t you think..

      • Evernal Sue

        you aim it towards the SPF….

  • Just a guest

    I’m a fan of satire, parody, spoof etc.. However, with all due respect. I think this doesn’t hit any feel good factor for the reader at all. I have to say the quality is very suspect. *The criticism is constructive. I’m sure you can do better..

  • Joanna Gough

    Sorry bro. : This post is not onion enough. – It feels more like a 70%-80% real news.

  • pass by

    The intention of rename the airport is good. Hmmm… but …. Subramanian Shanmuganathan Airport would be harder to remember and read compare with Changi airport.

  • Jun

    2 fake