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8 brands that failed to pay tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

Posted on 02 April 2015

They were caught not changing their profile pictures to black and white during seven-day mourning.

Many Singaporeans and even international brands paid tribute to Lee Kuan Yew during the seven-day period of mourning starting March 23, 2015, by changing their social media display picture to black and white as a mark of respect, for example:


Some brands, such as Old Chang Kee, for example, were late on the scene by three days as they changed their profile picture only on March 26, 2015, but better late than never.

However, there were many other brands that did not bother to change their logos to black and white as they didn’t think it was important to perform a gesture as simple as changing their logo colour for Lee Kuan Yew, while continuing to operate their business in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore.

And we caught them red-handed.


Here is a list of them:

1. Sakae Sushi


2. llaollao


3. Jollibee


4. TRemeritus


5. The Online Citizen


6. The Real Singapore


7. Paragon Shopping Centre (Part of Singapore Press Holdings)


8. Ion Orchard


Now we know who is with Lee Kuan Yew and who isn’t.


Buildings in Singapore that paid respect to Lee Kuan Yew with their rainbows:

6 rainbow buildings in S’pore that have stood up for gay rights

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