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S’poreans request Singtel, Gushcloud management to commit hara-kiri

Posted on 20 March 2015

This is the standard practice in Singapore if you commit lapses.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who would take their own lives for causing any error, have requested the management of Singtel and Gushcloud to commit hara-kiri.

This after the Singtel CEO apologised to both M1 and StarHub for smearing them by appointing Gushcloud, a company that supposedly has influence, to pay its influencers to complain publicly about Singtel’s rivals.

One Singaporean, Qu Zi Sha, said: “Everybody makes mistakes but since you have sworn on your family to take responsibility, you have no choice but to commit hara-kiri.”

“It is only through committing suicide that we can put this sad episode to rest. This is the PAP way of doing things and Minister Khaw Boon Wan highly recommends it.”

However, before Singtel and Gushcloud commit hara-kiri together, they can be glad they have been effective in what they do by achieving the objectives of their marketing plans, which is to get noticed by the public-at-large through their actions and misdeeds.

One Singaporean, Zhen Tian Zhen, who likes to look on the bright side of life, said: “Wow, this Gushcloud must be really influencer. They managed to get so many social media mentions for Singtel with their smear campaign. No wonder Singtel hired them in the first place.”


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