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S’poreans request for 1-week public holiday to get over loss of Lee Kuan Yew

Posted on 30 March 2015

This will enable smoother transition period from bereavement to regular programming.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life who spent the past week mourning the loss of founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew have formally requested the government for a one-week public holiday to be set aside for coming to terms with their loss.

They say this period of down time is needed for their bereavement and acceptance of the eternal demise of the elder statesman.

One Singaporean, Zho Hao Lam, said: “Singaporeans would really appreciate it if we can have some time to ourselves and reflect upon our loss.”

“Furthermore, the loss of Lee Kuan Yew was so sudden. This added to the shock. We need some time to soothe our frayed nerves.”

“The one-week public holiday will also allow us to seek closure and it will be necessary for us to move on and look forward to get back on our feet.”

“This is a must-have after any period of mourning. Especially if it is once in 50 years.”

“Since we had already set aside an unprecedented one-week of national mourning last week, what’s another week for the citizens to reflect on their loss?”

At press time, another group of Singaporeans are considering asking for a two-week mandatory public holiday, besides requesting for the instituting of the annual three-day Lee Kuan Yew remembrance days in March every year.


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