S’poreans commit suicide twice in one day after causing MRT to break down two times

Posted on 04 March 2015

They managed to die two times in a day even though they were busy.


Singaporeans from all walks of life had to commit suicide two times on March 3, 2015, once during the morning rush hour at 7.30am and the second time in the evening at 5.45pm.

This after Singaporeans personally took responsibility for causing the Circle Line MRT to break down in the morning and the East West Line to spoil in the evening, as they all went to take the train at the same time, which caused difficulties to occur.

One Singaporean Mei You Kong, said he was not going to let his busy day at work get in the way of killing himself two times together with other fellow Singaporeans for causing the lapses: “I see it as my personal responsibility to commit suicide twice in one day even though I was busy at work.”

“This is the PAP way of doing things. If you foul something up, you must take out a knife and commit hara-kiri on the spot.”

“If not, it is considered an abdication of duty.”

Other Singaporeans said committing suicide twice a day is not a big deal as they foresee themselves committing suicide often in the future, with more train breakdowns to be expected.

Qu Si Le, a Singaporean woman, said: “As a Singaporean, I deserve to die as I keep making things spoil and causing lapses.”

“In my Facebook About Me section, I already listed ‘Committing Suicide’ as a hobby alongside ‘Wake Boarding’ and ‘Pole Dancing’.”

“I believe all Singaporeans must give this committing suicide thing a try. It is good for you.”

“I believe the PAP should join in too.”


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