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S’porean self-proclaimed influencer has tough time convincing herself with her own status updates

Posted on 15 March 2015

She might have to get a proper job soon.

By Outfluencer Media Guru


Not very convinced by her own tweets and Instagram updates, a Singaporean social media influencer said she is having a hard time believing the things she puts out herself and is wondering why anyone out there even takes her seriously.

Annanice Eubel, a local social media user with a few thousand followers said: “I wrote on my social media accounts last week that this facial mask I was paid to promote was very good after I tried it and told my followers to use it too.”

“But now when I considered it again, I realised deep down inside I didn’t really feel for the product in the first place.”

Disturbed by the how she cannot even believe what she is writing on her status updates, the self-appointed social media influencer said she might in fact be putting up a brave front to let others assume she is well-adjusted and contented even when she isn’t.

Eubel said: “Last night, I posted a photo on Instagram informing my thousands of followers that I was having a good time at the Italian restaurant. But deep down inside, I was not really enjoying myself.”

At press time, Eubel said she made the stunning realisation that there exists a record of all her social media status updates online and when they are compiled across time, they revealed contradictions in what she said in her status updates and she is depressed about it.


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