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S’pore Govt: 100% of those who start off at the top end up somewhere near or at the top

Posted on 09 March 2015

The top suffers from social immobility.


The Singapore government reiterated on March 9, 2015 that even though there are those who start off in life at the bottom but might end up at the top later on, it is inevitable that all who start off at the top in life will continue to stay at the top, regardless.

Saying that social immobility is a problem for those at the top, the government praise those at the bottom of the social ladder for continuing to try to break out from the bottom.

One government spokesperson, Gong Jiao Wei, said: “It would be great if the bottom can also fail without consequences, just like those at the top, but we understand that it is not possible.”

“In fact, the top can keep screwing up and it doesn’t matter because they are at the top.”

“Therefore, we would do our best to protect those at the bottom of the social ladder from this sort of social immobility.”

At press time, it was reported that some learning points Singaporeans from all walks of life can take away is that the top is not as responsible as those at the bottom for creating problems or trying hard enough and there is no such thing as fairness in this world, because being born into a rich family will ensure your access to better education and connections.


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