Revoke S’porean citizenship of those who did not pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew

Posted on 28 March 2015

Since they don’t fancy him, they don’t deserve to live in Singapore.


Dear New Nation,

I read with consternation this letter written by a Straits Times reader: “Take those who disrespect Lee Kuan Yew to task“.

In it, the letter writer wrote that individuals who make disparaging comments about Lee Kuan Yew must be taken to task by raising the issue with the relevant authorities or the individuals’ respective professional or governing bodies as there is zero tolerance.

I feel that this letter is disappointing and not representative of the views of true blue Singaporeans, by and large.

This is because the letter writer did not specifically say what should be done to those Singaporeans who did not go to Parliament House personally to pay their last respects to Lee Kuan Yew lying in state.

Let me quote you some shocking statistics: Over the last few days, there had been an outpouring of grief and long lines of eight-hour waiting times to pay respects to Lee Kuan Yew.

However, as of Saturday, March 28, 2015, about 330,000 people — equivalent to 10 percent of Singapore’s citizen population — have visited Parliament House to pay their respects to Lee Kuan Yew ahead of his cremation, officials said.

Think about this. Let this sink in.

This means that up to 90 percent of people in Singapore have failed to pay their last respects to Lee Kuan Yew.


This is unacceptable.

Who are these people? Who do they think they are? Or rather, who do they think they can be without Lee Kuan Yew?

It is clear as day to me that this widespread absenteeism must be nipped in the bud.

I strongly urge the authorities to weed out these heretics and put them on a boat at the earliest hour and drive them away from Singapore into the ocean where they can be fed to the fishes.

Revoke their citizenship as they clearly do not appreciate it.

If the authorities do not swiftly act on this complaint, I will have no choice but to take matters into my own hands and seek my own resolution.

Which is to write an angry letter to the Straits Times, which I have full confidence they will publish because they publish anything, and just you wait and see.

Yours sincerely,
A Singaporean Patriot (Non-heretic)


Lee Kuan Yew deserves our respect, especially if you disagree with him:

Take those who disrespect Lee Kuan Yew to task

SMRT train along East West Line observed 20 minutes of silence on March 23, 2015

Shut down casinos on Sunday as mark of respect for Lee Kuan Yew, S’poreans petition government

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  • Vietnam

    Come to Vietnam…

  • mrblack

    So people who are bound by important duties to the nation, sick, children in need , getting an education overseas and under personal grievance must bend to your will and opinion. Clearly a power hungry fool of a writer.

  • Singapurasoldat.

    What idiocy is this? First and foremost, singapore is a republic not a kingdom. Our success is also partly due to the fact that we were once a British colony so all of our basic economics and governance were already in place long before LKY was even born. Stop rewriting history and in this case the law just because you feel the need to suddenly worship someone because he just died.
    His family has millions if not billions worth of assets accumulated during his reign. Sacrificed his life for the people? More like his wallet. Never forget that he had to be booed off because the people were not happy of his newly created post of “minister mentor” still not wanting to let go of his power. Be loyal to the land my friend, not to the politicians who were paid millions to help us run it. If your idea was made reality, what about the NSman who served our nation time and time again just because they do not share in your mourning?

  • Dominic Phua

    what the fuck is this retard writing about.

  • Zayr Spyke

    You just made Ris Low seem smarter than you.

    • Chris Low


      • Zayr Spyke

        This is awkward.

  • Boyanz

    Wang Pei, your own country don’t want you. And you dare to say revoke our citizenship. Use your brain before saying anything. Oh ya, you are brainless. You are an insensitive piece of shit. You are the ones supposed to be revoke. Then send to the pig farm.

  • Daniel Chua

    …Did all of you miss the site subtitle “50% real news”?

  • Faizul Alvés

    the writer is an idiot. to whom it may concern, do yourself and everyone a favour, stop writing and start reading and understanding.

  • SingaporeanStudent

    Not everyone is as free as you. Even if they were, they wouldn’t be writing such shitty stories omg. Doesn’t mean that we didn’t pay respects to him, we don’t respect him. Sometimes, there are other ways of showing appreciation.

  • Singaporean

    If the other 90% had gone to pay their respects how long do you think the queue would have been? With only 10% queueing, the waiting time already hit 8 hours. The mourning period is only a week long, it is literally impossible to accommodate 100% of the singapore population going down to pay their respects.

  • jeremy

    As a proud, patriotic Singaporean who has been to Parliament House, may I respectfully say that you are a bloody idiot

    • LOL

      The joke is on you my dear sir

  • CK

    Can someone please educate this writer? Is he really dumb? There are a lot of ways to pay respect. Doesn’t mean we are not there, we are not paying respect. This only show you are a fool.

    • LOL

      My dear CK, this is a satirical news site.
      Thank you for making my day.

  • P.L.

    A culture reaches its lowest depths when the only form of criticism is through underground satire.

    A culture attains its über pinnacle when half the people take the satire for real news.

  • Funny

    I cant help but laugh at the comments section; People raging in their comments about how idiotic the writer is. I thought it was fairly obvious that this article is satirical and meant as a joke. The letter’s last line is a DEAD GIVEAWAY: “Which is to write an angry letter to the Straits Times, which I have full confidence they will publish because they publish anything, and just you wait and see.” Isnt it obvious that this article is meant as a joke?

  • bob

    since you love him so much why don’t you join him then?

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  • angry

    What about those who did not change their profile pics to LKY black ribbon! Those don’t deserve to stay in SG too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Be more open minded, pls

      Some of them might have been bedridden, physically disabled or have some mental disabilities that might not allow them to go outside and pay respects. You may want to consider that. Some of them might have paid respects in different ways, too.

  • Adrian

    Hi writer, I suggest you go to IMH to see a doctor. Early treatment is never too late. Please go, seriously.

  • Stranger A.

    His deeds will be remembered Forever and passed down to younger generations. No go pay last respect means no respect?. My Foot. We Respect him with our hearts.

  • Val Goh

    Wahahhahaha so many idiots in the comment section don’t know they are reading a satire?!?!?

  • tom

    This writer seems to have a mentality of a 3 yr old, his childish assumptions have definitely kept us entertained and frowned. For his information, respects come in various forms. Even without utter a word of sorrow for our late LKY, it doesn’t represent how we feel in heart . Likewise among those who have watched the funeral parade might not missed him either. Please grown up

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