PAP activists who left fliers outside the door reported for littering by Aljunied GRC residents

Posted on 16 March 2015

Authorities urged to clamp down on such irresponsible behaviour.


People’s Action Party (PAP) activists in Aljunied GRC, Hougang and Punggol East who went door-to-door to hand out fliers highlighting problems at the Workers’ Party-run town council have been reported to the authorities for littering.

More than 300 residents from HDB households in two of Aljunied GRC’s five wards – Bedok Reservoir and Paya Lebar – who received the fliers in English and Chinese urging them to ask WP MPs questions about the management and financial health of the town council, said their clean estate was ruined overnight by dirty materials left outside their doors.

One Aljunied resident, Fan Dui Dang, said: “This is not right. How can anyone leave rubbish outside my door when I am sleeping at night?”

“Do you want me to go to PAP activist Victor Lye Thiam Fatt house at night and leave rubbish outside his door?”

“I can, but I won’t, because I am not so free and I don’t harbour ambitions to be voted into political office.”

Other residents who received the fliers said PAP is doing the people staying in the estate a disservice and courting trouble instead.

Another Aljunied resident, Lai Fan Fa, said the PAP activists’ actions are highly deplorable and irresponsible: “The PAP activists are exposing the residents to crime. My neighbour was out of town and the fliers at the door were uncollected for two days revealing that the occupants were not around.”

“This is stupid. Setting people up to be robbed.”

“Why would I want to vote people who promote crime into parliament?”


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