Future Music Festival Asia might not proceed in S’pore as electronic music can cause drug-taking

Posted on 05 March 2015

The police would then be inconvenienced as they have to arrest people and hang them later.


Singapore looks set to ban live electronic music in public by disallowing Future Music Festival Asia 2015 from being held here after successfully banning eating and alcohol consumption in public after 10.30pm.

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This was after authorities believe drugs can spring a surprise appearance at the FMFA 2015 by circumventing Singapore’s tough anti-drug policing and death penalty laws.

However, Singaporeans who support the ban on electronic music said it is the only logical thing to do.

Xi Du Ping, a local, said: “People who listen to electronic music tend to take drugs. Same as how people who drink alcohol will riot even when they are feeling okay.”

“And when people take drugs, they will become a bum and a strain on society.”

“This will cause the police to be inconvenienced as they have to arrest people. And later on, when found guilty, have to hang them.”

“This will lead to further bad publicity for Singapore internationally, as we’d look like the Taliban for dishing out the death penalty.”

Other Singaporeans who are supportive of the ban said FMFA 2015 is unlike ZoukOut, which is allowed to happen every year.

One local, Jiang Dao Li, said: “ZoukOut is all Singapore needs. Because it is supported by the Singapore Tourism Board.”


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