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S’porean applies for Protection from Harassment Act against SAF after receiving multiple unsolicited IPPT SMS reminders, SAF100

Posted on 12 February 2015

Harassment has gone on for years, he said, noting that there could be countless of other victims.


Sick and tired of being constantly harassed every year around the same time before his birthday, a Singaporean man has taken the first step to put an end to the unwanted advances he had been receiving by applying for the Protection from Harassment Act against the Singapore Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence.

Xing Shao Rao, a Singaporean man, said he has been harassed by SAF every year via SMSes, phone calls and letters, since he completed his National Service four years ago.

Noting how he would receive multiple unsolicited SMSes from SAF before his birthday telling him to take his IPPT, he said: “The SMSes, in particular, are getting predictable after so many years, but they are grating to receive.”

“I’d pick up my phone hearing the SMS notification go off, thinking it is from my mistress or my girlfriends, but it would turn out to be from SAF telling me to take my IPPT before my current window closes, or else, I’d be liable for RT and will be charged.”

“Enough is enough. I need to put a stop to this.”

Recalling how the harassment started out mild when he first completed NS, Xing said he realised it had reached breaking point when he once received an unsolicited call from SAF on a Saturday afternoon for a silent mobilisation while he was out shopping with his wife and children, which required him to report back to camp in his No. 4 and beret in under two hours.

This, he explained, was the straw that broke the camel’s back: “SAF100s and SMSes can still be easily ignored. But the moment phone calls — with a person on the line — started coming in, looking for me in person, I had to take a firm stand.”

Xing said that he still cannot believe how despite registering his mobile phone number with the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry, he still receives phone calls from SAF from time to time, which he believes is to pinpoint his movement, because “they would explain that it is my unit conducting a ‘contact tracing exercise’.”

He also said that based on anecdotal evidence, he is not the only Singaporean suffering in silence from the harassment, as there could potentially be thousands of other similar victims experiencing the same plight all the time: “Singaporean Sons, the time has come. With the Protection from Harassment Act in place, we now have the law on our side.”

“There has to be a limit, a line we can draw to indicate that ‘Hey. Enough is enough. SAF can do this once or twice, but this is just testing our collective patience’ if they try it repeatedly.”

At press time, Xing said if the harassment by SAF and MINDEF does not stop, he would be left with no choice but to go to the Attorney General’s Chambers to take out a cease-and-desist court order against them.


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