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No Budget goodies in 2015 signal S’pore buying votes, holding elections only in 2016

Posted on 23 February 2015

No cash transfers for everyday Singaporeans as it will reserved for next year.


Singaporeans from all walks of life were left cold after the Budget 2015 was announced that there will be no cash transfers to bribe them to vote for the incumbent.

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This after the Budget 2015 was delivered by Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam in a speech that lasted more than two hours on Feb. 23, 2015,, in which a lot was said but nothing that mentioned giving Singaporeans cold hard cash.

One Singaporean, Boh Lui Lang, said the lack of Budget goodies mean that there will be no General Election in 2015: “It is obvious that GE will take place only in 2016. Any goodies will be dished out next year when Singaporeans will be bribed to vote for the PAP then.”

This sentiment that the next general election is not expected for at least another year is widespread, with other Singaporeans weighing in.

Another local, Geh Wo Qian, said the government strategy of sweetening the election year by bulk buying favours is so obvious it reflects what they are thinking without even telling people what they are thinking: “The PAP is getting less sophisticated by the day. The electorate is getting smarter and more rational.”

“The lack of cash transfers is also very conspicuous given that this is the SG50 year and what better way for the government to celebrate than give its citizens money?”

“But I guess the government believes Singaporeans enjoy wearing balloon hats instead of having money.”


SG50 celebration ideas are endless because civil servants work overtime:

S’pore govt confident that they can churn out enough superficial SG50 celebration ideas to last till Aug

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