S’pore National Stadium nominated for Stadium of the Year Award for uniting S’poreans

Posted on 27 January 2015

The stadium is recognised for rallying Singaporeans together.


The new National Stadium in Singapore has been nominated for the Stadium of the Year Award, a prestigious award given out by an international body that no one has heard of.

One of the criteria for becoming Stadium of the Year is the ability of the venue to bring people together and bring out the emotions in the spectators in ways that other entities in the country are unable to do so.

The award judges ruled that the barely one-year old National Stadium by Singapore Sports Hub has done just that so far.

One of the judges, Jin Keh Long, said: “The National Stadium by Singapore Sports Hub has to be recognised for rallying Singaporeans together. We have not seen anywhere in the world a single object that has spontaneously brought so many people together to heap scorn and ridicule on.”

“From its leaky roof to grass that refuses to grow despite copious amounts of fertiliser and water applied to it, this stadium has united Singaporeans from across class, ethnicity, religion and political divide.”

“Seeing how Singaporeans, who have been divided along political lines can come together to dismiss the National Stadium as a joke, certainly brings a tear to anyone’s eye.”

Singaporeans interviewed said they concur.

One Singaporean, Remy Xing Dong Tang, said: “My neighbour supports Workers’ Party and I support PAP. But both of us think the National Stadium is a joke.”

“If two people from opposing parties can be brought together to agree on something, then this National Stadium is really a miracle.”


The one object that brings Singaporeans together:

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