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S’pore’s ERP named a technological marvel as it is the opposite of SMRT train system

Posted on 01 December 2014

Why can’t they teach SMRT a thing or two?


Singapore’s Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system has been named the world’s top infrastructure development as it has never broken down before.

The Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report by KPMG International, released on Dec. 1, hailed the ERP as a system that is completely opposite of SMRT trains.

The assessment from a panel of independent industry experts who had evaluated more than 400 projects, described the ERP system as a universal symbol of hate and for putting loathing in the hearts of ordinary Singaporeans as it keeps taking and taking money from innocent people.

Yi Ah Pee, one of the report’s local judges, said: “As Singaporean motorists can attest, the ERP is the only system that never breaks down in Singapore. The MRT can break down, the escalator always need servicing and your car sometimes also kee qia, but ERP forever will stand there silently and deduct your money remorselessly.”

“You can ask around all the motorists in Singapore. Who has encountered an ERP that has broken down once before? Everyday you drive past, it is working. It is as if they found a way for this piece of electronic gadget to never break down. Why can’t MRT train never break down too?”

Singaporeans have in the past mooted the idea for the CEO in charge of ERP to join SMRT to teach them a trick or two about not spoiling.

At press time, all ERP systems in Singapore are working as they should island-wide.


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