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PAP cannot even keep Workers’ Party in check despite 50 years of continuous rule

Posted on 14 December 2014

PAP is accountable for Workers’ Party’s mistakes because the ruling government should know best, locals say.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have lived their lives under one regime, have expressed disappointment with the PAP as they no longer seem to have a strong foothold on every aspect of Singapore despite some 50 years of continuous rule.

Locals have expressed their discontent that despite being in control of Singapore from top to bottom, the PAP has failed to keep the Workers’ Party in check.

This after the PAP had over the past week been asking the Workers’ Party to come forward and make itself accountable to the public for issues related to constituency arrears.

However, this drew widespread condemnation from the public who felt that the PAP should be the one who can pinpoint all faults and come up with solutions to problems since they have been the incumbent for so many years and they have 80 MPs in parliament.

Mei Yeo Yong, a local, said: “After being the dominant party in Singapore the last 50 years, the PAP should be able to account for their own problems as well as the opposition’s problems.”

“But they obviously have failed to master and control all the state apparatuses at their disposal and use them to their advantage.”

“If Lee Kuan Yew was still prime minister, by now, there would have been some banishment to offshore islands and televised confessions already.”

“If you pride yourself as being the party that knows best, then you jolly well show that you can be accountable for the opposition’s mistakes as well.”

“If you cannot be the all-encompassing omniscient ruler who regularly maintains your political hegemony through a constant vulgar display of unbridled power over your subjects, then you better stop ruling this country.”


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  • Richmond.

    This is utter rubbish! No one in this world would pin point the fault of their enemies. If the opposition dares to discredit the ability of the ruling party, then they better be prepared to prove their statement and worth. You think this is some kind of game? Whereby you just participate without any opportunity cost?? Totally pathetic. Some dissatisfaction with certain govt policies is justified but this article???? How absurb! At this rate, with this mindset, I wonder how far we can progress. What is most worrying is that the previous genrrstion should be guiding this new young generation who are born in times of peace and prosperity. Yet such absolutely disgusting and immature statement are made by some of those who should be guiding the young ones.

    • Guide

      Guide the young ones? Haha.

      Can’t you see the ruling party is already doing an excellent job of doing that themselves? Enforcing draconian internet rules and being tone deaf towards the people’s concerns about CPF…

      There is a reason why 40% aren’t happy. Lots of other countries also have “peace and prosperity”, but without the heavy-handed I-know-better-than-you–what’s-good-for-you attitude.

      In a real democracy the government exists to serve the people, and it is the government who should fear the people, not the other way around. Remember that.

  • Ben Si Le

    I am always bemused by people who fail to realise that new nation is a satirical website.

    Great article yet again!

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