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NSFs say being made to do push-ups, run 2.4km is illegal and manifestly unlawful

Posted on 19 December 2014

Being made to do push-ups is against human rights.


Full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) from all vocations have come out strongly to condemn the actions of their superiors.

This after it emerged in court on Dec. 18, 2014 that an NSF who did not have Class 3 driving licence was ordered to drive a jeep by his superior, which resulted in it flipping and killing someone else.

This led the district judge to say in his judgment: “Perhaps one positive outcome of this case is that NSFs now know that they do not need to obey a manifestly illegal or unlawful order.”

This prompted NSFs to sound out.

One NSF, See Baey Chuan, said: “I cannot do 20 push-ups in a row or run under 10 minutes and 30 seconds as my body is not cut out for this kind of action.”

“Thank you judge, from now on I do not need to obey this kind of manifestly illegal and unlawful order anymore.”

Other NSFs also said they will not follow instructions they do not agree with.

Bu Zheng Qi, another soldier, said: “I have never stand-by-bed at home before so to ask me to stand-by-bed in camp is also a manifestly illegal and unlawful order that I will not follow from now on.”


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  • MD Shinoda

    What a faggot..go cry back to ur mommy..

    • Ez A Ramli

      lol this web is a satire..see baey chuan was the 1st clue

  • Han

    What is becoming of Singapore if the NSF s are starting to not obey the orders. it will be the dribble effect. well all starts from home, to work and back to family future and all you care is to complain.
    Now and future, is the boys going to be men or sissy? YOU Got guts to complain but no interest to listen to orders, Have lots of money to waste on private gyms and try to show off to women but pay no effort on 2 months of proper training for free?
    This is obviously taking advantage of the court orders. and such orders does not apply to all situations.
    Take for example, stand by bed. Do you keep your bed clean or you get your housemaid or mother to clean for you? or you like to sleep on a smelly bed full of bugs.
    PT training of 20 push up at a go is a better punishment than being charged for insubordinate to superior’s order. Guess you do not know what is STL (Stoppage of leave till period ends, that means you cannot go home till you have served, or “DB” detention barrack another military jail term)
    I feel that when times goes, we are going back to the times before Japanese Occupation when we took our peace time for granted when we allow other colonies who promised to take care for our security and what had happened. They just come and enjoy good salary and enjoy life but when war comes, they just fled off without fighting.
    Be grateful that we are who we are and thank our parents who had spoilt us since kids, giving us warm home and full in our tummy where we will not go hungry, but do you know how they are able to achieve such results and responsibilities?
    I believe that when you have the responsibilities of your job/business securities and family to take care off, you may recall what you had said in this article and hope you had regret it.

    • Aiden

      Overreaction much. You do know that NewNation is a satire website? If you believe 100% of what’s written in this site, my friend, you are media illiterate and I really do question your judgement.

  • Hexark


  • Shaun

    What a bunch of f*&ktards. I was PES-E9 and me and my other Unit mates could do 20 push-ups. I hope they are part of the 50% that is fake.

  • Sykrxx Syariff

    Sometimes, we have better things to do than serve ns.

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  • Vin

    I’m amazed with the numbers of pussies male living in Singapore now. This cannot, that cannot, might as well go die, wasting resources by staying alive.

  • zhong

    The first clue is at the top of this page “50% real news”

  • Nick

    Such whinny little bitches coming up with dumbass excuses. Grow a pair, man up and suck it up..

  • Ëçłípšè

    I hope when i serve my NS i don’t have this type of people…



  • ASE

    Falling in is also illegal assembly!!!

  • nynuena

    Are this man or woman. Why I can do all those thing in the past but not the kids now. I guess the kids now are ready kids. Even after army will still be kids

  • KH.Jeremy

    Such weakness i did 100 push up in 1 go back when i was in BMT yo, 20?! such a great discount

  • Unlucky Boi

    I was in camp when the real event happened… Needless to say it was a very stupid act and wasted my time to resolve.

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