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Local mega churches praise Khaw Boon Wan for reinforcing social importance of stereotypes

Posted on 16 November 2014

Stereotypes help to regulate expectations of certain groups of people.

By David Tan


While several online commentators have criticised the racist subtext of Minister Khaw Boon Wan’s recent Facebook post featuring a mock riot control exercise being carried out against a group of South Asian “foreign worker ambassadors”, local mega churches have stepped out to voice their support for the beleaguered minister, saying that his Facebook post proves the importance of stereotypes in maintaining social order.

Yeshu Ai Ni, a spokesperson for the mega church consortium, said: “For years we have argued that stereotypes have an important role to play in regulating our expectations of some minority groups of people in the Singaporean society.”

“And we are glad to see that the minister also recognises the importance of using racial stereotypes to maintain social order.”

The spokesperson went on to add: “After all, if the police didn’t rely on racial stereotypes to conduct their anti-rioting demonstration, then what’s stopping these foreign workers from going out and rioting again?”

The spokesperson, however, was quick to add that her sentiments were not racist at all, saying: “I have many foreign worker friends of South Asian origin, and like the minister I make it a point to organise regular buffet lunches for my foreign worker friends to show them how non-racist I am.”

“I do hope that the minister didn’t cater alcohol at his buffet lunch — you know what they’re like when they get their hands on alcohol.”


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