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Economy rice seller demands Sim Lim Square scam shop owner pay $1,000 for cai png warranty

Posted on 06 November 2014

Total cost is $1,003.80 for two meat, one veg.



The owner of a Sim Lim Square scam shop was asked to pay an additional $1,000 for his lunch at a food court where he ordered economy rice consisting of two meat and one vegetable dish, which normally cost $3.80.

The economy rice seller said he recognised him on the spot and decided to offer him a warranty for his economy rice at a special rate.

Zha Cai Fan, the economy rice seller, said: “I see his face on Internet, sibeh guai lan. He want to play bastard, I play with him.”

“He ordered two meat and one veg, so I charge him $3.80. But before he took his plate of food away, I told him he must pay an extra $1,000 for one-year warranty for the cai png.”

“He damn stunned.”

As he left without buying food, he went to the drink stall to order a can of Coke and he was asked to pay $1.30 for the drink.

But before he could leave, he was asked to pay an additional $1,000 for a cup of ice.

Not only will he have no luck buying food from now on, he might also face similar trouble at his hair dresser.

Jian Tou Fa, the scam shop owner’s hair dresser said: “I know his guai lan face. He every month come here wash and cut hair.”

“Next time he come I charge him $30 normal rate. Then I cut half of his hair.”

“He want to complete the hair cut, must pay another $1,000 for hair cut warranty.”


Another news featuring the other Sim Lim:

MinCRAP: ‘Sexual corruption case is once-in-50-years event’

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  • MaySenseBa

    This is fiction right?

    • jovercheebykia

      it will become fact soon

    • Jover

      Taken from Chanel News Asia

      • gab

        I don’t think CNA will publish words like damn guai lan. Good try

        • gab you dumb ass

          dude that guy is being sarcastic. Chanel News Asia is a parody of Channel News Asia. don’t come her act smart pls.

          • gab is a fking dumb ass

            Haha dude. Please don’t be stupid. Can’t you feel the sarcasm? And see properly la dey ‘Chanel news Asia’ already know it’s a parody…

      • Wayne

        Then Chanel News Asia got fooled.

    • wayne

      Yes of course. the hair dresser named “Jian Tou Fa” should already reveal that.

      • MaySenseBa

        it should’ve for singaporeans I guess. Did you consider that I’m possibly a foreigner?

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  • GoldenBoys Chua

    This 1 swee, steady. I like. Every 1 in SG must give him half tings, den charge him $1k for xtra.

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  • Anita mb

    Congratulations sporeans!! We all shall work together to put him down… Post as much bad publicity abt him as possible… Boycott his business.. Let’s see how long more he could survive with his arrogance.

    • me

      The hair cut one is epic lololol.

    • Fk Jover Chew

      My friend charged him $1010 for transport. My friend is a taxi driver. Also he charge in advance. Pro right?

    • tjakrabirawa1 .

      This guy is just one of many guai lan scammers ripping off tourists thinking he is above the law. Only Singaporeans can do actions to again reinstate Singapore as country with good moral standard, also to set him as example for other bad business owners.

  • febii

    Bravo to the economical rice n drinks sellers!! Next shop(s) he patronize, could u help singaporeans with one more step – to mock and say loudly as he walks away “wah $1,000 you also cannot afford ah!!!”

    • Fk Jover Chew

      Also, people can throw coins at him

  • TheonlySon

    Jialet liao !

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  • K. Meng


    • Jan

      Very good, should teach him a extremely valuable lesson. We should support the economic rice & drink stall.

      • Fk Jover Chew

        And the hairdresser of course
        Jian Tou Fa FTW!!!

  • New business model

    Zha Cai Fan should revamp his business model. Instead of not giving him the food, you should pass him the food first, then tell him he need to pay warranty for the utensils.

  • Christopher poole

    This is Satire news you fuckin’ retards.
    Yes it’s funny. Yes it’s fitting karma.
    But it’s fake news meant to poke fun at the issue.
    Stop fuckin’ acting like this is article is real.

    • Poole Shimatta

      Wow. Sure is big news to me. Thanks for the heads up retard.

  • sin

    let the “Guai Lan” know how much we hate him..

  • Chris Lakatos

    Sibuey song.. This is the way! Singaporeans united!

    • Shine

      Yes! This should be the way we get rid of the black sheep! Tit for tat! 😉

    • Whatever lah!

      Why cannot unite like this with COE?

  • Jeremy Tan

    In his next toilet trip..

    Entrance fee $100.
    Tissue pack: $100.
    Use tap water: $100.
    Toilet urinal flush: $100.
    Usage of toilet paper: $100.
    Service charge to auntie: $100.
    Toilet Maintenance: $100.
    Toilet cleaning charges: $100.
    Electrical bill: $100.
    Exit fee: $100.

    Total: $1000.

    • Peh William


    • polly

      exit fee lol

    • kentai

      I think we should replace exit fee by floor warranty fee.

  • kyung

    Tell our gov, if his car passby erp, charge him $1003, if not his car cannot go tru,.
    charge the PUB bills, hp bills all $1000 plus the amount, if not cut his eletric or phone.
    Unless he decide to go under plastic surgery .
    But….. plastic surgery oso must charge him addition $1000 oso. Lol

  • AT

    Another fictional article to get readership.

    • Poole Shimatta

      Its satire news bro

  • Oh See Min

    Haha so funny!! Cute Singaporeans!

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  • Chris Chew

    Faith in humanity restored.

  • rach


  • Peh William

    yes…… give us a 5. this is the best way to treat this type of bastard. si bei song ah….

  • Lynn Cheang

    How I wish this is a true life story! Why can’t the working class gang up and face off and stand up to this kind of shitty businesses?

  • 看不顺眼

    Even his parents should get the same treatment as this bastard Dover, cause this fucker is 没家教。bloody idiot and hope his next generation will get back the same treatment as how he treated the Vietnamese and those customer he cheated in the pass.

  • Andrein Nguyen

    people please stop, I think he already know his false as a Vietnamese student who had chanced to study in Singapore, thank you so much for your help for protecting tourists!

  • kenneth

    Bravo guys! No need give him face! Share this post n his guai lan face.. so more ppl boycott him with $1,000.. see how long he can guai lan!! Make him apologise to the victimsss @@

  • Shine

    Kudos to the all the people giving the siah lan kia a taste of his own medicine! *Salute*! :-)

  • tougeKE70

    what is a chai png?

    • Nicholas Benedict

      cai is vegetable. Png is rice. Its a dialect language. Meaning vege rice.

  • Lee

    The stall-owners should have taken his $$ first then ask for the $1000 打包 warranty fee.
    He was lucky, at least he didn’t lose a cent!

  • Daniel Ang

    Kudos to the hair dresser! Hold him by his marbles like how he does it to his customers…..

  • Koi

    I love Singapore!.

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  • Chong

    complete the hair cut need to pay 1000 additional fee

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  • Anh Tuan Vo

    So funny!!! I love Singaporeans

  • Phuc truong

    Pls 4 give what ever he did. Pls thinks of his children, his mummy .
    Nam Mo A Di Da Phat

  • PP

    Really? Why degrade ours to his level? Not worth the time and effort?

  • jeffry

    let’s burn this man down!! he makes all singaporeans ashame

  • LQNGUYEN – VietnameseAmerican

    Please forgive him; but not forget. I think he has enough lessons for his life.
    Thanks all Singaporean…..

    Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.

    Mother Teresa

  • Mori

    I heard some very bad stories from my friends about some Singaporean expats here in Vietnam. The way they treat local employees made me so sick of where they say they come from, a so-called first world country. But after this incident, your country suddenly becomes a very honorable one. I truly thank you for your people’s action. It is how a first world country is expected of.

  • r.akage

    Hahaha…brovo guys! Well done! Teach d bastard a lesson, he thinks he rules d world?? NO WAY!!

  • Wong Sau Bing

    BRAVO!!!!!! Salute to the brave Singaporeans!

  • Li Ly

    Bravo. Hohoho

  • Fk Jover Chew

    Charge him $1000 for existing in this world

  • jason

    Pls la..looks like a fake report to me. Cai png stall called zha cai fan? Hairdresser called jian tou fa? How gullible can u guys be?

  • Jokowi Ahok

    Bravo singaporean, if he come to Indonesia we will also charge him $1000 for pisang goreng.

  • Julia Anastasia

    LOL, this qual lan won’t go too far…..

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  • ricohflex

    Jover Chew is lucky that he lives in SG where most people are law abiding. A few pranks by the economy rice hawker and drinks seller are harmless.
    If Jover Chew lived in Philippines or Thailand (specifically Yala), it can turn out differently. Thus the lessons given to Jover Chew in SG are alright and pretty mild.

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