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This S’porean woman’s relationship ideology is why local men commit adultery, suicide

Posted on 10 October 2014

Maybe this is also why men join terrorist groups.


Singaporean men from all walks of life with varying levels of tolerance for women’s antics have all banded together and agreed that the Facebook post below by a Singaporean woman is what causes adultery and why some men become terrorists.


Gao Wai Yu, a Singaporean man who read the post, said: “This is why Singaporean men commit adultery.”

Another local, Qu Zi Sha, said: “This is why men generally live shorter lives than women.”

Lim Kah Tor, another local said: “A lot of drinking problems stem from this.”

Oh Sah Mah, another Singaporean man, said: “I finally understand why men join terrorist groups.”

This is the source:
(If the original Facebook post embedded here cannot be seen, it means it has been deleted by the owner)


Porn is found in all Singaporeans. Think about that:
Take the porn out of Singaporean

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